How do I solve my tickets?

I have 2 tickets about Gilas I lost in the Abyss where i struggle to get reimbursement.

In the first ticket I was adamant about that guidance disrupter changing your missile speed and missile flight time results in changing the displayed missile range and other issues.
Missile range= Missile speed*Missile flight time.

In the second Ticket I struggled to get confirmed that my log showing the messages “(notify) Please wait…” (many times until I got killed) after entering the abyss, means an client/server problem turned my 60 fps game into a seconds per frame game.

Now a Senior GM stepped in (I requested one way before) and merged both Tickets into one and tells me I dont get my ship reimbursed and my request is denied for reason stated above. But the ticket they merged was totally unrelated and so the reason above are related to missile range… and the merged ticket to lags.
After that they didnt answer anymore and changed ticket to solved.

I had 2 requests and 2 ships I wanted reimbursed. How do I solve this?

Stop wanting ships reimbursed when it isn’t a bug or server issue.

So Im wrong about guidance disrupted weapons changing displayed missile range?
Other Npc do work like that and change the displayed range.
Also the request was denied because it was to old, reason was i waited since 1 GM told me to use an Bug report. So i waited many months until the bug gets verified and when i opened the ticket with questions about the case they shut it down.

Also others had same experience as me so I link you forum about fps drop/microfreeze (Strong FPS drop in the abyss) very similar to mine.
Is there an fix?

Did you read the reimbursement policy before submitting?:

All reimbursement requests must be sent within a week (7 days) from when the loss occurred. After that time we will not provide reimbursement.

Yes the first ticket was sent in time and later 1 GM told me to wait for clarification per bug report.

The first ticket was answered. The second ticket wasn’t submitted in time. It’s not rocket science.

“All reimbursement requests must be sent within a week (7 days) from when the loss occurred. After that time we will not provide reimbursement.”
The GM told me i have to wait and it says SENT not solved in the rules,
Oh my mistake with first ticket i meant the first tickets not the first of the 2 tickets. im in follow up tickets .

that’s incorrect .

i have seen abyss rats guidance disrupt me and my displayed missile range did not reflect that . could’ve been server tick not updating , npc switching off jamming , or a true display bug .

OK i always used the formular from Missile mechanics - EVE University Wiki ( Maximum Distance ≈ Speed x Seconds of Fuel) and the so called “missile falloff” the last second which is calculated in % so far it worked. Whats the correct formular?

At the time I replicated the this many times. Is there anything in the logs that shows me difference between “could’ve been server tick not updating , npc switching off jamming , or a true display bug .” reported it 2 times and replicated it like 10 times or more.

from the wiki you linked :
For example a missile with a flight time of 7.5 seconds has a 50% probability to fly for 7 seconds and a 50% probability to fly for 8 seconds.

i just closed range until missiles started hitting , and accepted it as another *undocumented feature" .

*edit . you are correct that the displayed range when you mouse- over loaded missiles shows the straight math velocity x flight time . that’s"average range" without the rng thrown in . for light missiles that could be 6 km. or more …

Thx for the answer.

About “could’ve been server tick not updating , npc switching off jamming , or a true display bug .” is there an way to better record/analyse the situation so I might improve my reports and gameplay to adapt to such situations?

For clarification at moment i got disrupted all 4 npc are shown in overview with the ewar and above capacitor with same amount of ewar. The problem with pictures in bug report was i couldnt hower above both launcher and disruption at same time. So only launcher and 4 disruption symbols in overview are visible.

Most of my bug reports have been resolved pretty fast so far. But it seems those (I think 4 or so) are not so easy.

Some of the NPC Ewar-effects have Optimal/Falloff Ranges, so it can be that they were just too far away to have any effect, even if the symbol is already shown. I am sometimes dampened by 5 NPCs in the abyss but can still lock pretty far away - which changes quickly as they come closer.

The NPC was Lucifer Ixion - EVE Online Reference and range 18km,18km,19km in 1 of those runs.
This was like 7 months ago or so and this picture (white part to hide my informations) were send in.
Fit used:
And base range with my skills was 32km.
Note that with Photon UI it change so I couldnt replicate the Bug anymore in this kind of fashion.

Yeah that is true, in that scenario your missile range should be lower than 32km (to my knowledge).

Yeah thats why I was so adamant about it but no one seemed to recognize it.
By going over logs once more I have seen "(notify) please wait…"and “please wait…” what is the difference?

Also thx to all who give the good feedback.

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