How do Larger Fleets Coordinate an Alpha Strike

I’ve watched larger fleet battles before, but I don’t know how they are organized. Suppose in a fleet battle, one side has enough artillery firepower to just delete a ship in one volley, making any repair attempt useless. If the pilots have their overview settings to arrange by distance, “get the first (ship type here)” doesn’t work since the first will be different to everyone.

Sorting by name solves this problem… but what if the entire enemy names all their ships the same? Let’s say all their ships are “Bob.”

Now if some Thrashers are trying to one volley a Crusier, Machariels trying to alpha strike an enemy Tempest, or some Dreadnoughts trying to delete a FAX, how are they supposed to all coordinate on the right “Bob”? There is a fleet command to give attention to a target, so if you have enough firepower to kill a target in a volley that could work. But now suppose you have enough firepower to kill 3.1 (ship type here)? You now need to designate 3 targets. And “get the first/ second/ third (ship type here)” on the list when name sorted won’t work if they are all named the same.

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Edit: I made the original post under erroneous overview assumptions. The answer to how to coordinate is now obvious now that I’ve been corrected. The correction does raise a few other questions, but they aren’t important to PVP.

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Fleet commanders can tag objects with numbers. Form a 1-man fleet and try some of the functions for yourself. If you want to see it in practice, join a public incursion fleet.

Fleet commander calls and broadcasts target by pilot name not ship name, everybody locks, counts down (if required), and shoot.

Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Are these event fleets?

Not sure what you mean. Incursions are basically wandering pve content. A bunch of systems end up being attacked by Sansha forces and you team up with people to run incursion sites. I havent done them in ages but last I did I just joined WarpToMe Incursions through their channels. They have fits and requirements somewhere on their website. Usually public groups like WTM have all that info in their in-game channels MOTD, including the systems they run in.

Got it thanks

Tagging by numbers is a PVE thing.

In a fleet battle, numbers don’t get used. FC will broadcast targets so that they show up in the history tab of fleet window, say something like “Primary is Claymore, name beginning with And. Secondary is Scimitar beginning with Ger.” My Claymore and Scimitar would ,be broadcasted as targets and the fleet would engage in that order.

If FC really wants to make sure that everyone fires at once, he can count down to fire on his command. However, I have almost never seen this done.

How does this work? In overview the columns can be Icon, Distance, Name, Type, Corporation, Faction, Militia, Size, Velocity, Radial Velocity, Angular Velocity, and Alliance (this last one makes Corporation superfluous). Name under overview isn’t the pilot name, but the ship name. If everyone on the other side names their Claymores the same, this order could result in all the alpha strike ships hitting different Claymores named “And Silly Butt” letting them do self repair. Of course, I know this isn’t how it’s going to work and I know larger fleets can in fact successfully blow up targets.

Entirely dependant on the organization you’re in and the FC themselves.

I know some that call pilot name some that will give pilot name and the ship. Some that give the first three of the pilot then the ship. Some that only give the ship. Some that just indicate a change of target and broadcast the new target.

“This guy is primary”

“Broadcast is primary” ect

To my understanding there is no way to display a ships custom name on the overview. Only the hull type and the pilots name.

Either way you cab broadcast a target and pilots can lock right from broadcast history.

Ok You’re right… so my question of “how do you coordinate strikes” is easy. Name under overview is player name, not ship name. I had been in places without greys or reds on the grid so long I forgot (my overview is a preset someone else made and has a separate tab for non-blues and I’m still fiddling with my overview to something I can use) since for the longest time my tab didn’t show ships.

Now I’m wondering how I made the observation a week before I joined my current corp that almost everyone in my old corp had very uncreative names for their ships, being “(player name)'s (ship type)”? I didn’t use D-scan at that time.

It couldn’t be from the overview since name is the pilots name. It couldn’t be from D-Scan since I didn’t use it. So how did I know almost everyone around me were just as uncreative with ship names as I used to be?

I highly doubt it unless some one gave you an overview modified for it but you can get the ship name to display in space. but you have to edit files for that unless some one shares an overview that already had those edits made.

Also you’re logs will show the ship name. IE drones have engaged “ship name”

Like I said, I was mistaken about the name in the overview showing up, which caused my confusion.

yeah i was just answering where you may have seen ship names not in D-scan.

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Oh. To be honest, I don’t remember where I saw ship names, I just remembered a rather comical conversation which ended with

“so how did you name your ship?”

“TiberianSun371AlexW’s Magnate. I didn’t say I was more creative than everyone else”

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