How do nullsec markets function?

According to the latest economic report, Delve is one of the biggest regions by trade. I’ve been to Delve and the market is very empty. Now I know there’s a hidden alliance market, but can someone explain how this works in practice? I’ve never spent any extended time in nullsec, so I’m quite curious.

The Delve market is very, very well stocked. You don’t see most of it because it is hidden behind the Access List wall of structures which only allows those authorized by that list to see the market. If you are not authorized, you only see a tiny fraction in NPC Delve.

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Is it just that simple? You get on the access list for the alliance structures and then the normal market view explodes?

Are these markets served by Upwell structures and Standup Market Hub service modules? Or is it contained within the conquerable structures? If it’s Upwell, could you theoretically have a closed market in high-sec?

That simple. Get a spy alt into CONDI and you can enjoy and screw with a market that is almost as big as Amarr. And if you get caught for manipulation and kicked out, you just create a new char, transfer the trade skills over to that new guy, get it in, contract the items over and continue.

Conquerable Outposts were removed earlier this year and replaced with Upwell structures, which all use the SMH-SM that you linked to provide the market. Yes, you can have closed markets in high sec as well. The Access Lists do not care about the security level of the system.


Quite a big chunk of it is in the form of contracts. We generally dont place the more expensive things on the market because we dont see the point. When we want to sell a rorqual or carrier, we place it on contract and announce we want to sell it in the forums.

The amount you see with regards to actual market trade has to do with common items being used in nullsec for mining and ratting, as well as a lot of buy orders that get fulfilled with regards to ore. If the market seemed empty, thats because youre not looking at the right items. We dont sell random meta crap. But take a look at drones, ishtars, vexor navy issues, etc.

Normal market view is not restricted by alliance access i believe, so rivr luzade is wrong in that respect.

Sure. But if there wouldnt be a point to making such a market.

Nullsec is closed because we dont want people buying ships and reshipping in our space, who arent blue to us. It makes sense to close the market off from our enemies.

What would be the point of doing this in hisec?

Sorry, but you seem to be contradicting yourself. First you say “market view is not restricted by alliance access”, but then “Nullsec is closed”. As I understand the nullsec markets are often closed and contained in Upwell structures and you need access to those structures in order to see the whole market. The public portion is whatever is for sale in the NPC stations. Correct?

I suspect it would be rather pointless, was just asking if one could.

Market viewing, and purchasing is not restricted. You can open up the market window and buy anything listed on the market at any station you want. It is not restricted by alliance access. But accessing the items in the station, is restricted. You cant access your items unless you move them through asset safety, or have access to the station. And no one would purchase stuff in nullsec only to move it to low through asset safety, because you would essentially be purchasing it at a 15% markup.

In this sense, nullsec is closed, unless you are blue to the people holding the space/stations.

This was in direct response to Rivr Luzade, who said:

…Which is wrong. You can and do see it. When you open up your market browser, you see everything that we do.

No contradictions here.

That is patently wrong. I see no sell orders for anything in 1DQ or any structure in Delve. I very much doubt that no one sells RF EMP S outside of NPC Delve. I see, however, some buy orders, for instance, for PLEX, but again no sell orders.

Maybe learn mechanics before you comment.

I see the difference, thanks for clarifying.

I would have to agree with this. The market view in Delve is very empty for me. Considering it’s the size of Amarr, it shouldn’t be. For instance the market history shows loads of Vexor Navy Issues being traded every day, but not a single sell order on the market. That just doesn’t fit, it must be closed for viewing.

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The Access Control List (ACL) set against each Citadel can control who can access and see the market.
This is also use for docking, cloning, offices, industry etc.

If you are not on the ACL for the structure then you can not see/use the parts of the structure that you do not have access to.

The 1DQ market is well stocked but is only available and view able by members of the Imperium.

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K. Cause my out of corp alt that i know isnt blue to the imperium cause it gets destroyed sometimes and cannot dock, and called in intel channel, can see the market. First hand experience from me is that its viewable even though im looking at it through an alt that isnt blue.

You can see ranged buy orders. You cannot see sell orders. That’s usually how it works if you are denied/not on the ACL. ESI follows the same scheme.

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