How do propulsion jamming modules work lore wise?

I’m talking about warp disruptors and warp scramblers. Do they send some kind of electronic interference signal to the ship’s warp or navigation computer, shutting it down? Or do they apply some kind of warp tunnel deactivation field that prevents a warp tunnel from being opened?

Further question would be how do warp bubbles work?

As everyone knows warp drives fold the space from the start to the end of the warp tunnel. Therefore, you simply have to use space unfolding energy to hinder warp drives folding the space. Warp disruptions and scramblers create a small unfolding energy bubble around the targeted space ship. While warp bubbles are much more powerful and create the unfolding energy bubble around a whole area of several kilometers in diameter.

Warp drive work by scanning the gravitational waves that correspond to the target and creating a warp tunnel in it. BM are just a representation of the triangulation of the surrounding waves, that’s why you can’t create an arbitrary BM : you need to be there , or be given the signature.

A point works by simply sending surrounding signatures to the warp drive, making it unable to acquire the tunnel. It’s like you look at your GPS, and suddenly all the surrounding places are just on top of you : you know it’s not correct but your navigation system just does not work anymore. Having several acquisition systems (warp strength) allows to still acquire the signature by dissipating the noise and adding more sensors.

Bubbles work in a totally different way : they disrupt the creation of a tunnel going through them(stop) or aiming at them (drag)


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