How do you calculate NPC DPS?

How do you calculate the DPS that an NPC will do using the available NPC attributes?
SCC Security Striker

Explosive 25 HP
Kinetic 10 HP

Damage modifier 35.00 x
Rate of Fire 5s


  • assume perfect application (no speed tanking)
  • optimal range

Is total DPS the sum of each damage type?
EM + Thermal + Kinetic + Explosive.
(25 * 35) / 5 = 175 Explosive damage per second?
(10 * 35) / 5 = 70 Kinetic damage per second?

Is the applied DPS then adjusted for my resistance? (flat resistance of 75%)
EM * (1 - 0.75) + Thermal * (1 - 0.75) + Kinetic * (1 - 0.75) + Explosive* (1 - 0.75).

Thanks in advance for any help

Looks like you have it right. Especially if you are comparing the end result to your in game fitting window tank number.

So in the above situation, you would need to have a repair rate of 36.25 HP/s, assuming your resists don’t change and you are not moving.

PELD is a good tool for calculating incoming damage. It shows incoming dps

fly a paladin and forget about incoming damaging?

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