How do you get support to help you they wont answer ticket

they wont answer ticket I cant get help from support they stole my money

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It can take up to a few weeks to get an answer depending on the type of Support Ticket that was submitted.

If it’s a money issue pertaining to game subscription or in-game character services, then you’ll just have to wait for an answer. If it’s actual game play or technical issues then somebody here in the forums might be able to provide an answer.

“they” - Who? Any hints?
“stole” - by scam? by tricks? Just disappeared?
“my” - which of you? The character or the RL person?
“money” - ISK? PLEX? Real money? Credit card?

Be aware that scamming ISK in game is not prohibited. “They” stole very much money that way…

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Help is coming. Soon.

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