How do you prevent burnout?

Hey everyone!

The title says it all. How do you prevent Burnout? I have been playing for a few years now on several characters and I’m at a stage where I’m not being challenged enough. I’ve been through several alliances, several wars (nullsec) and I’m looking for new play styles.

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I take regular breaks from the game, taking a few months off in the year helps to keep it fresh.


Well… Why not try to go further in s leadership/FC role? Build a corp up or join one and seek am active role in the corp.

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I generally play a game for 2-3 months then switch to another game for a while. In the ‘time off’ I might ignore the game completely, or I might just pop in a couple times a week to update PI, station orders, training queues etc.

Nothing says ‘play me’ like having some time off followed by the skills to fly a new ship, a couple billion ISK to fit it with, and an itch to blow something up with it.

I endorse Pix’s suggestion about breaks. I’ve taken 2 since 2013, and have always found it useful. You get to a point where everything you enjoy becomes old.

I mean it’s not as if we’re wedded to the damn game…Is it?

If Life seems meaningless without logging into EVE Online, then something else is awry.

Take a break of, say, a week. Baby steps…


The one great thing about EVE… You still gain skill points even if you aren’t grinding away.


The simple answer is to try to find another hobby outside of EVE, or try expanding who you socialize with outside of your current group of friends as that may help draw you to other aspects of the game you haven’t tried. But if you’re getting to the point in any game where you ever feel like burnout is kicking in it hints at the fact that you’ve likely spent too much time on that one game and should consider taking on a hobby or picking up another game so all your time isn’t focused on just that one thing.


take breaks as you need them.
play something else for a bit, eventually you’ll get the itch


I regularly play other games. Ideally, stuff that I can pause, so that I can do dad things if my kid wakes up.

Lately, it has been a game called They Are Billions. Talk about an infuriatingly difficult game. After spending an hour building things up only to see it get hopelessly demolished, I can log into Eve and whelp something expensive and really not get all hot and bothered.

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Currently moving into taking a break myself right now - been feeling the burnout for months and tried to drag through it (RL isn’t great ether). So EVE will be on the back burner for awhile while I catch up on bills and try to get ahead on a ton of things.
My luck though, that rainbow I am looking for is coming out a Unicorns arse.

This is a game, not your job.

If you are tired of playing it, stop playing it. If you feel like playing it again, pick it up again.


Having just passed through a minor slump I found that varying the gameplay helped, and I’ve not felt the need to take a break completely, yet.

Almost 8 years in, and RP-influenced lowsec PvE, with some trading and industry, has been my long-term staple activity.

More recently I’ve been working on solo PvP (though I’m just farming FW farmers at the moment) and dipping into nearby NPC Null has helped mix things up a bit too.

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That’s always a mystery to me, how some people never leave and yet do the same thing for years, ive gone pretty deep in the game myself but have stretched my character’s ability all over the map, I’m glad I’m not one of those extreme wealthy toons, this gives me goals to work towards.

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That feeling when you struggle to get to your first trillion, but instead of satisfaction, you feel the need to make another one…And this is where EVE turns into a job. At this point you start multiboxing and searching for something to keep your interested in the game.

I know what is the solution for me - join big null sec alliance and forget about the money, just pvp 'till all out of ISK!

some nights i just login to the game move it over to my other screen and watch shows on the computer, or just talk my other corp members and dont even undock, find the right group and it makes it more enjoyable but i only play 1-2 hrs a night so im not pouring lots of hours of my life away. i do plenty of things outside of EVE and do play other games at the same time…

Having to moving stuff, looking for fights into the late nights and early hours of the morning; burnout was unavoidable for me

Nah, unless you love being someone’s pet there is no reason for me to go to null, already done that, lived in a WH, PVP in low sec, found nothing to keep me interested, I’m sure ISK is great and all, made the billions already, I build freighters and Orca’s so ISK is not a problem, and definitely not making EVE my second job.

  1. Taking breaks,
  2. Change activities, exploration<->missions etc.,
  3. Make in-game goals,
  4. Play other games.

Lots of alcohol…

But I like Burnout.

Burnout 2 is the best. After Revenge they lost their edge though.

Paradise City just sucked.