Dealing whit burnout

How to deal whit burnout and losing ships I need some advice here

When you find yourself in a deep hole, it’s best to stop digging.

Take a break, put EVE down, play some other games. Get some exercise. Watch a fun movie. Pet your dog.

Ask yourself if what’s going on in a pixel game is really that important to you?

Burnout generally means you’ve been too focused on too repetitive or narrow an issue for too long. Expand your attention focus onto other things.


If you’re burned out from losing ships, perhaps you should switch gears and destroy ships instead.

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How to deal with burnout and how to deal with losing ships are two separate issues.

To deal with burnout in EVE, maybe stop doing what’s causing the feelings of burnout?
It’s a game, and if a certain activity in the game (or the game itself) is causing you to burn out on it, why continue?

Over the years I’ve taken breaks from EVE any time I felt like I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. And came back weeks or months later, because the game is still pretty good.

What’s causing burnout for you in EVE? For example, if you try to make enough ISK each month to pay for Omega the next, why not try play as Alpha instead?

The other issue you mention is ‘losing ships’.
Don’t worry, losing ships isn’t an issue, it’s all part of the game! We all lose ships from time to time. If you want to deal with lost ships, try to fly cheaper ships, or get better at the game.


burn out comes from doing too much of the same thing for too long.
it helps to diversify
also, it matters a lot if you are in a corp that is social.
in life in general you need a variety of things to occupy you. EVE is one of those things,
if you must, take a break, then see if you miss it.
good luck in finding your comfort zone


Just take a break. In the past week I went from playing for 9 hours on each of Thursday and Friday…to not having played for almost 2 days.

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You should train better Overheating skills to avoid burnouts and losing ships as a consequence.




Thank you all for the feedback I’m verry goal orantet and losing ships kinda bumps me out thanks for all the feedback age

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Id set a goal of learning 3 lessons from each loss then. Learning and growing is always something you should do and even though losses hurt more in a game like Eve if you learn from them you can learn to take it as a paid lesson in gaining more knowledge.
If you cant find something to learn about then you could even evemail your opponent and ask them. Some are mean but some will offer great insight from the winning side and teach you tips to get better.

I learned to treat my PvP ships as ammo, cheap (compared to wallet) and replaceable with a few clicks in Jita. And I lose ships regularly, sometimes in GFs, sometimes to mistakes or stupid yolo action. Every time I pod/travel back to Jita and jump into a new one. No, or only cheap implants. No mourning no attachment to the ship itself, though sometimes I think about the kill marks the lost one had.

Fighting burnout in EvE … don’t commit, keep your freedom to choose whether to login or not. Only do for fun. Take breaks, vary your play style.


Burnout means you are giving too much energy into something that should not receive it. Limit your Eve sessions. Only focus on what is important, typically don’t waste your time on the forums or reddit or discord unless you have a reason to.

Try to make a week without Eve. Then only connect in a week-end. Remember that all you’re doing must be a choice to be a pleasure.


YouTuber Aceface recently spoke about stress and burnout.

That video didn’t really seem to cover everything. I play very casual, Eve isn’t the only game. Losing ships is part of the game. You get free starter ships from the career missions, even if they are beneath your standards, you can sell them. People who invest real money into this game suffer a greater loss than I ever could imagine. I also don’t desire to go to casinos for the same reasons. I go there and drink the free pop and coffee, while I watch my friends throw away their money.

If you want to see someone who should be stressing out, look at the kill boards. The guy listed here, lost a ship valued at $655 / 500 Euros. Think about buying or grinding that ship to have over 350 arrive to blow it up. Gone. Dust. Lost. Maybe he doesn’t stress about it? My friends don’t seem to care when they lose that same amount at the casinos.

Good Luck with the stress management.

Interesting KM. Would be interesting to know the story behind that particular goon fratricide. At least dude had the good taste and sheer panache to go down in flames flying the best ship in EvE. Style is important.

Ship might very well have been an alliance or corp asset - but even if not, 80b isn’t a mind-bending, emotion-shattering loss to quite a few folks faffing about in EvE. There’s a lot of isk out there, y’know.

You’ll notice one of the Kusion team was involved on that KM. See? Kusion Special Team does more than just harvest salt and outraged accusations. 07

Apparently it was a spy character, if we can believe reddit:

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There are two scenarios that I encounter

1. During my working day, I am thinking about what I will do after work in EVE, and may even go as far as to write it down on a sticky note.

In this scenario I am not burned out, and I play the game normally.

2. I log into EVE out of pure habit, and then stare at the ******* screen for 10 minutes before logging out again

In this scenario, I am burned out, I should stop playing EVE for a while until I can think of something to do and achieve in the game.


I recommend taking up a hobby. When you are not playing Eve Online just have sex as often as you can.

Well I figured more or less reduce play to after work befor diner so like an hour it is helping

I generally play for about 3 weeks then I burn out. Then I take a couple months off, then rinse repeat. This has been going on for about 3 years. I like the game because I keep coming back but never seem to keep playing.

I think my issue is the game promises a lot but for me doesn’t deliver. I see this huge universe but it is only a shell. You cannot walk around stations or planets. So it’s just eye candy. It’s just doing the same things (grinding) over and over again. Whether it’s mining, exploring, mission running, etc.

I personally would prefer a smaller universe that is complete but that’s just me.

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Perhaps don’t do that then? There are tons of play styles that aren’t grindy at all.

EVE has been consistently entertaining for me for the better part of two decades because the only things I’ve ever “grinded” are player ship hulls, and the only things I’ve ever accumulated and hoarded are salty threats and rage mails.

Maybe you should consider not doing the same thing in EVE that you already do for 8-10 hours at work every day? Living that wage-slave lifestyle can’t be so appealing that you can’t get enough of it in the office and are jonesing for it in your digital entertainment too, can it?