How Do You Unlock A Frigate?

just as the title says, I am new and wanting to know how to unlock a frigate ship and make some money thanks a bunch.

  1. to be able to fly a ship you need some skills at certain level. richt click on the name of the ship, show info, requirements you willsee the sills that are needed
  2. “make some money”
    => focus on having fun and finding activities that you like. Eve is a game not a job
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You’ll need to train one of the frigate skills to at least 1 (i.e. Gallente Frigate), but preferably to 4. You’ll also want to train weapons for them (such as Small Hybrid Weapons), as well as the magic 14.

After you get done with the tutorial, I highly recommending running the career agents (you can find them in the agency). They’ll give you various rewards (including some frigates), as well as teach you some gameplay basics.

There are lots of different ways to make money. I suggest trying out different stuff to begin with (i.e. abyss, exploration, and [swallows vomit]… and mining), and then go with what you have the most fun doing. Yes, certain careers have gentler difficulty curves, clearer progression paths, and/or higher potential isk efficiencies, but you can make good enough money doing just about anything. So many people would suggest picking that which you enjoy the most in order to keep the game from becoming a slog that you hate doing.

Welcome to Eve.

Welcome to EVE.

You can pilot all of the base line Frigates that is associated from the original race you chose. For example, I am Gallente so when I first started I can pilot all baseline Gallente frigates right off the bat.

if you would rather pilot a Frigate from a difference faction such as Amarr, Caladari, etc - it’s just a pretty short train time. You’ll need to buy the skill book from one of the main market hubs (among many other places) such as jita or Amarr for that specific faction, i.e Caldari Frigate.

When you learn a new ship type, make sure you right click the ship in the ship menu and “show Info” to understand what modules and skills work best for that specific ship - which will also generally be beneficial to the rest of the ships associated with that specific faction.

Hope that helps.

I chose Caldari race

So Caldari Frigates should already be “unlocked”.
Do you know how the skilling queue works?

No I do not… Also can you quit a mission and start the same one again or does it not work that way? I’m stuck on balancing books 4 of 10 and my area when in space is not showing up sattelite

join a newbie friendly corp to teach you the basics

Welcome @Captain_Jinxz - unfortunately if you cancel the mission, you may not get the same one again straight away. The first time when declining or abandoning a mission will have no affect but cancelling further missions within a 4-6 hour period will hit the standings of the faction you are running missions for.

A quick way to make some ISK is to try the Project Discovery feature, which actually helps advance real science. For each submission, you make ISK and for every level you hit, you get a random ship skin. Bit of a handy way to build ISK to buy your first frigate or destroyer and modules to fit the ship once you are adequately trained.

As recommended in this thread, joining a newbie friendly corporation is a great way to understand and enjoy the game and there are pilots out there more than happy to help you!

Safe travels in New Eden o/

ISD Bahamut

Based on your replies:

Do the tutorial + career agents. They are basically an extended tutorial and give you some free ships and a bit of starting capital

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