How does contract price not match written price, scammers advantage?

Seen a contract, word beside the amount said 1.1 (billion), yet the actual price is 1.1 trillion, can we actually manipulate the contract words in order to scam others this way, seems very bad gameplay.

Do you have a screenshot of that?

No, got disconnected so I am away from home looking for TP that’s hard to find still, did send in a trouble ticket although thought it was a bug but realized what the issue really was.

Got home, tried screen shots but not working submitting bug report on possibility of an exploit.

Your screenshot in your other thread clearly shows the correct value.

3.4 T is the same as 3.400 B. There’s nothing wrong there my friend. You need glasses, that’s all.

Or other may see it as three billion four hundred million, they way we all interpret what we see is often wrong, people misinterpret others all the time, some are just crazy while others just see it sometimes wrongly at first glance so instead of raging at CCP they ask, no harm is posting it looking for the correct answer, at least I hope not.

I mean no offense, really. But do you see how I wrote 3.4 T and how I wrote 3.400 B? It’s of common sense to understand that 3.400 B is not 3.4 B. Because while adding those 00 I’m implying that they have value, and must be taken into consideration.
I understand that it may be confusing at first, but when you really see it, you don’t have any difficulty telling one from the other.

None taken, it was something that gave me pause when I looked at it, I also wear readers when playing, that aside I also copied and pasted the amount shown and it also said billions yet I was taken aback, thought it could be a bug but it’s cool, I understand how they (CCP), are expressing values, same way Brits use “stone” as a measurement while the USA uses pounds, etc, etc.

3.400B == 3.4B, what are you smoking?
It might be a french localization problem, but for me I see 3, 400B which is equal to 3.4T as the highest value contract currently.

It depends on what you use to separate the numbers. But since in EVE there is no coma, 3.400 B is not equal to 3.4 B.

Again, I don’t know if this is just a french localization problem but there are definitely commas, at least for Canada/US

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Then it must be it. I thought that the absence of commas was universal

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