Bug, exploit, or scammer paradise?

So looking at contracts today I came across a BPC I wanted, had the ISK, accepted contract, failed, not enough is, price says billion, but price is really trillions.

Sorry can’t make my screen shots work on computer even though I press “print screen”.


This is not a bug or an exploit, but it is a scam - a legal one.

If PRT SCN doesn’t work on your keyboard, you can use the Snipping tool or Snip & Sketch tool that comes with Windows. (Mac/Linux might have something similar)

Who would have 3T in their wallet? But your post confirms people are falling for that.

I think the OP is hinting at the fact that the price text says “3,400.00 Billion” instead of “3.40 Trillion”, which while misleading, is still accurate and not a bug. It would be the same if it said “3,400,000.00 Million”, because those are all ways of expressing the same figure.

I agree that it would be more intuitive if it said “3.40 Trillion”, but this isn’t a bug.


The price is accurate, it clearly says three-thousand-and-four-hundred billion. The 3,400 in numerals and the billion in words. 3,400 billion AKA 3.4 trillion.


Eve and “more intuitive” will need a new universe to coexist in

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The amount is 3,400 billion - which is 3,400,000,000,000 - or 3 trillion 400 billion. This is entirely accurate. The confusion comes from different regions using comma to reflect different behaviors - in-game, the comma is a thousands separator (3-thousand-four-hundred billion); in some regions, that would be read as a decimal separator (3-point-four billion).

I agree that it would be better for CCP to state the value as trillions instead of thousand-billions, but that is a gameplay improvement request, not a bug.

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The price is obvious, except to those that cannot count zeros or understand big numbers


Ill go for the third option as thats what New Eden is supposed to be


It may be accurate but like all things it is not always clear at first glance, but that’s what we call “fine print” or manipulation to deceive others, CCP may not mean it to be deceitful but bottom line it is a way to trick others.

Welcome to Eve

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.


An alternative pricing method (and this also saves on fees as they are not calculated into the contract fee price), is using PLEX as a means of payment on contracts, since it’s an Item Exchange contract then it won’t have the ISK amount in the fee % calculated.

For every large amounts on PUBLIC contracts I prefer to use PLEX since it’s cheaper than ISK contracts

Meh, nothing new just normally don’t buy anything large on contracts precisely because of this, the hypernet is the same which is why I build my own things then buy them, too much phoney baloney in eve.

Three options to avoid being scammed on contracts:

  1. Don’t buy on contracts
  2. Read the fine print carefully
  3. Place your own buy contracts
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I’m not sure why you’d call this any of the three.

Bug? No, it’s not a bug, it’s appropriately valued and named. Sure, the game doesn’t label it as “Trillion”, but the three zeros is enough of a giveaway.

Exploit? No, that’s how it’s always been. I guess no one at CCP would be going around making Trillion isk contracts that often so they didn’t bother to add that in.

Scammer paradise? What game do you think we’re playing?

Pretty much.

Truth or Dare!

Also, Wheel of Consequence fits.


Exactly, “NASA lost its $125-million Mars Climate Orbiter because spacecraft engineers failed to convert from English to metric measurements”

There is a reason why the medical community uses IU (international units), to dose patients, this way those pesky problems don’t occur, there may be something somewhere that CCP states this as the “way” to interpret how it is shown but I’ve never heard nor seen it, so that is why you ask, to error is human but to call someone idiotic because there is a bit of confusion, you know what you are and it’s sad you enjoy it.

Surely it’s more obvious, being that it’s a larger visible difference between a B and a T ?

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