How does one start over again?

Hello fellow internet spaceshop folk!

After another long break from EVE, it seems that my corp in WH space is gone along with the station, my ships and goodies. After self destructing my way back to K-Space, I am left with a few assests and a handfull of ships.

As the title suggests, with so many changes to New Eden, where does one go to start again?

All suggestions welcome,



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If you need to refresh the basics you can run the tutorial agents.

Other than that, it depends what you want to do:

  • you can run missions for ad npc corp
  • you can fit an exploration frigate a go around scanning systems
  • you can join another corp and go low/null and rat

Not sure what I want to do - there in lies the problem. :hushed:

Is the best way to get reacquainted to hit missions again, or join a corp?

join a corp. get on comms and start having fun with folks is my best tip.

ill throw in a recruitment link too for good messure

i have been in your exact situation once. its not fun but atleast you got your SP :slight_smile:

(WH) Rogue Meddlers are recruiting!

One does not just leave wspace
Bob demands your return
Disobey him at your peril


Eh, it depends :slight_smile:

A good corp is obviously a source of help and a community you can join.
If you are more a loner you can maybe start running missions again, or go exploring.

One had to suicide to escape the clutes of Bob.
May my scarifice bring untold bounties to you

I just picked up again after a ‘trial’ and a sub month in the summer. I’m pretty sure that I won’t find what I want since I doubt the landscape has changed much, but here are the things that seem to be a good ROI for limited time:

  • Project Discovery still pays better than low-level missions if standings are low and you only need ISK
  • The Resource Wars sites are pretty quick when you get the hang of them, all you need is a Venture and a pretty simple shield buffer fit to do the L1 solo. The clothing items you get in the LP store are selling pretty nicely atm.
  • Could probably run the SOE epic arc again, that will reward somewhere between 20-40M, depending on the modules that drop, and a big standing boost if you need it.

Hope that helps.

I’ve not heard of Project Discovery or Resource Wars? Please elaborate?

Project Discovery is just a new minigame:

Resource Wars is a newbro-friendly anom-like deadspace

Options for “starting over:”

  • Make an alt character, do the tutorial and the career missions again. Just as a refresher for the basics.

  • Injectors and extractors cost exorbitant amounts of ISK, but if you absolutely HATE the skill layout that you have, you do have the option to extract the points from some skills and put them into other (new) skills. But the skills haven’t changed much, and pretty much everything is useful in some form. But still, some people are OCD to the point that they’ll delete a character they don’t “like,” so keep in mind that you can trim the fat as it were, and don’t have to be drastic like that.

  • CCP has removed the official wiki (evelopedia), but the EVE University player group has kept their wiki updated and current, and it’s a decent source of basic information, ship fitting concepts, etc.

  • CCP is using a youtube channel to promote the more recent changes, and also to provide some basic video tutorials directly from the devs. Worth checking out.

  • And otherwise, ask questions here, and we’ll give you links to the better guides in whatever specific gameplay field you decide to pursue. For wormholes you’ll need to find a decent wormhole corp and go back at it.

  • CCP has added a bunch of in-game apps - agent finder, EFT-like fitting simulator, ships chart, corporation finder / corp search function, etc., so it’s slightly easier to find info. Only slightly, though.

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