How far can I go?

I know this is probably been asked a lot but I have just a couple standards that I want to make sure are able to be met before I start playing free. And I CANNOT afford to pay for omega because of other reasons.

Can I fly a cruiser?
Can I build a battleship or cruiser?
Can I fly everywhere?
Can I sell through orders anything I make?
How many orders can I have?

Just basic things. I played before and loved the build it sell it thing. Flying like a bat out of hell trying to pick up that rare blueprint halfway across new eden. That kind of thing.


EDIT: updates answers.

is that 1 in total or per station?

1 in total.

OK, thank you. That answers my ultimate question. Unfortunately playing is not in the cards for me at this time. Fly safe everyone!

Playing for free is basically an extension of a trial. Only there to give you an intro into the game to see if you like it. Its still a lot you can do for free, but ultimately, this game is subscription based.

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Not sure about trade anymore, thought it were 1, but didn’t find any info on the internet. I think you can train Trade skill … can you just check in market window?

Super funny, no source tells how many orders are possible … after some guessing I would say 12?

EDIT: Probably found the answer 17 orders.

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I think you can build t1 ships, but I’d have to check.

–Gadget can’t remember

Checked on my main which is a fully trained alpha (expanded alpha skillset around 20m SP every and all alpha skills trained plus a couple omega ones so a total of 23+ mil SP but ofc the omega skills are not functioning).

Market orders

The trade skill (trade category / trade skill) states:

Knowledge of the market and skill at manipulating it. Active buy/sell order limit increased by 4 per level of skill.

It is trained to level 3 which is the limit.

The market orders window states the following:

Orders Remaining: 17 out of 17 max open orders
Total in Escrow: 0 ISK (additional 0 ISK to cover)
Base Broker Fee: 2.50% of order value
Transaction Tax: 2.50% of sales value
Sell Orders Total: 0 ISK
Buy Orders Total: 0 ISK

Ask Range: limited to 5 jumps
Bid Range: limited to stations
Modification Range: limited to stations
Remote Bid Range: limited to stations

Corporation orders have no such info so I assume but just guessing that the personal limits apply to corp ones as well, though no guarantee.


If you plan to sell (and/or post buy contracts) on the contract market you can only post one single public or private contract per character as an alpha, however if you create a corp you can post 10 public corporate contracts and up to 500 to corp mates per character, thus if you make multiple characters that join your corp, all alpha and train the related skills each of them can post 10 contracts on behalf of your corp.

The contract main page states:

Your skill level allows you to have a total of 1 outstanding personal contract at any time.
You can create 500 more contracts issued to your corporation or members of your corporation.
You can create 10 more public contracts on behalf of your corporation.

(Note: You have to transfer the items to corporate deliveries so no need for corp office, just contract all the stuff you want to sell to your currently signed in character then accept the contract on behalf of your corp, this will move all the items to corporate deliveries from where all characters with proper permissions can access and contract from.)

Here is a somewhat related article from my blog in case you are interested:

T1 battleships manufacturing

Only checked the Hyperion but according to the in-game information window for the blueprint I should be able to manufacture it.



Thank you so much for that super in depth reply. Looks like the cards flipped in my favor then. I’ll see you guys in New Eden!

No, some places will require a permit.


In that case you might be interested to grab some highly / fully researched blueprints for free from my ongoing giveaway:

You can check the list of available blueprints to see if any of them interests you.

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You can fly anywhere you want. No travel restrictions for alpha accounts.

Of course some areas are dangerous so whether you will survive some places is another question (but this is the same for everyone, for both alpha and omega) :slight_smile:

CCP does NOT ask you for travel permits. All gates and wormholes are freely accessible for everyone.


Technically you can get Omega for “free” by plexing, so yes you can do anything Eve offers for free if you either put in the time or are creative enough to make enough isk.

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