How I lost 9 Quafe Zero Boosters in Perimeter

Here I helped Concord to take down a mean gatecamper that was reported to always be camping on the Jita gate in Perimeter :fist:

As you can see the kill was fast and deadly:

I recorded the event and found his MO quickly :sunglasses:

So how did this event take place you may wonder?
As I got ready for my usual AoA (Alpha on Autopilot) Scout mission I thought to load up with Quafe Zero as bait. I set a course through heavily trafficked routes and pressed the A (awesomeness button :smiley:).

Uncle Argyle gave me a good idea to be using a throwaway thrasher fit to instapop capsuleers with a bounty on their head that travel in a capsule and I got a killright on him. Hah!




So what is the score here:

  • Took a worthless shuttle and found out instapop gatecamp thrasher MO which I can now also try out.
  • Thrasher got popped by a Worm which is indeed a nice counter to a zerotank Iwinbutton ganker destroyer on a Jita gate.
  • Shared intel for all that like to get in on the action: be part of the gankers, be part of the baiters, etc., got a nice story to tell and found at least 3 new things to explore in EVE all possible as an alpha

So… in short

U ganked sumone, made a forum post about

And we care why? Get inline or join CODE


The story fits perfectly in this forum, however there’s something weird about the video for me. It’s very janky.


I record for reference (research etc) purposes in 1 FPS.

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Since my initial operation with losing 9 Quafe Zero Boosters I’ve been busy with everything that came out of that little encounter. Let’s recap:

  • I’ve trained all the skills needed to be able to fit up a thrasher and a worm so I can do what they do and also use their MO to my advantage and/or disrupt their operations.
  • I’ve placed a Mobile Tractor Unit or as I call it a Wacky Wobbler Wibble Won at EVE unit to suck up Uncle’s dropped items or maybe some of the ganked loot. I like to think of the idea that now they need to step up their coordination because if they don’t pick up the loot then Wacky Wobbler Wibble there will suck it up good :laughing:
  • Learned some skills like R&D with Killboard to note: use some gold capsule implant or another unique identifier to turn into 99percentcorp1
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You’re awesome! You should join my corp, so I can support you.

thank you for showing support, donate ISK to bulletbites if you like my silly adventures

Nah. I only support corp members. You’d be my second. Ships, ISK, limited amount of womanpower, no problem. I can give you a good tip, though: A list of donators, with the amounts, in your bio works wonders if you’re also active in local a lot. Which you should.

Give me a shout when you’re in Perimeter! :smiley:

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