How Interdiction Nullifier module killed exploration

text below is my personal point of view

my opinion that Interdiction Nullifier module killed exploration in game

my experience: before patch I used T3 cruiser (expensive ship 1.5bil+ cost) to find content in null-sec and wh-space, have some refit modules inside to kill somebody or to farm something. this is kind of exploration and journey in my eve game

and of course before patch you can use Interdiction Nullifier subsystem for T3 cruisers to travel in null-sec and wh (avoid bubbles and camps)

but today you cant explore eve, becase Interdiction Nullifier module is active-module. you cant activate this module in cloack-mode. it means you have no chances avoid bubbles and camps
[example: you enter the system, than you warp next gate or wh 15+ au, you cant see d-scan 15+ au, and woo a la. now you in bubble, decloack and dead. lost expensive ship because nerf Interdiction Nullifier subsystem. goodbye exploration in eve]

honestly I dont understand why ccp killed exploration
who will drive expensive ship with no chances to avoid bubbles?
so I close this type of content for myself in game
good work ccp

upd: broken mechanics on tranquillity as well


It’s almost as if they didn’t want people to play EVE anymore. Maybe they’re wanting a different community, get rid of the old-school “toxic” crowd and bring in a new “politically Correct” crowd who’s all about instant gratification and spending real-life cash for pixels.
It’s been said a few times and I’ll repeat it here: EVE players aren’t so much playing against each other as they are against the Devs now. CCP, in their infinite fekups, has managed to interpose themselves between players and content for the ultimate jerkaround of players and the sacrifice of a game that is no more recognizable from its true self as it is today as the difference between the promotional videos for Cyberpunk 2077 and the actual game itself.


Things are bad, the games not worth any kind of long-term investment at the moment. CCP seems to be in self-destruct mode. The only thing keeping it floating is the war down in Delve and bots, otherwise, I think the player numbers would tank far faster.


They killed exploration years ago when they simplified it


I loved exploration.

It’s quite the joke now.


Bad piloting is not a problem with the module. This was 100% avoidable.


You do it wrong order, first click nulli still under gate cloak (it works under gate cloak for exactly that purpose), then warp and cov cloak.


And you even warp if you are in a bubble and the module turns off while you are still aligning.

Ah i dont know how all the people did exploration when nullification wasnt introduced yet… let me think back… that was in the golden time of eve when player count still rised… nothing got killed. You are just to soft :wink: (and wont lose any sp for losing t3 soon).

  • posters above say its an user error on your side :slight_smile:
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You can activate the module while under gate cloak.
So for it to “work like before” you’d have to wait for nulli mod to be available again before each jump. It didn’t kill exploration, it slowed it down. More significant nerf while in a wh for extended periods of time, but you can still warp to a nearby anom/ celestial to check d-scan and warp into the bubble cloaked from an uncommon/ weird angle (like a ship w/o nullification would do), and then slowboat trough or do whatever.

It’s a nerf to t3c’s, but a big buff to cov ops frigs… good luck catching a fast frig, that can hit nulli mod and warp off from your bubble before you can get a decloak. Even if you aim perfectly and do everything right, the frig is gone. Before you had a % chance of decloak on gate…


probably you dont play in wh-space, you dont understand what is cloack-camping/fishing in wh

one evening session scanning dozens signatures and check them
no rewarp objects like in null-sec and you cant make bookmarks in every wh system

you have to understand that exploration T3 ship is expensive ship plus virtu-set 1bil
obviously after patch no reason to expore eve space now
everything worked fine for ordinary players , but not today

ccp developers chose the wrong concept in pushing players against each other in this case
you have to understand that experienced eve player see all potential risks on field and will avoid all weak edges in game. if you want to fight - you fight, if not - you avoid it
when you make Interdiction Nullifier module active-module with timer it means that you want to artificially push player to fight with enemy. but this is wrong concept. player just lose lots of money and lose motivation to fly good ships and explore the game

in this text i just want to share my personal point of view
my opinion that players who explore eve-space faced with this problem
my goal is to say ccp team that you make mistake killing exploration experience for ordinary players in game


BS, most of all signatures are 4-5 AU on nearby celestials…

My experience is it’s Null that is absolutely full of systems with gates just randomly far flung off, and 50 or 60 au from the nearest thing to warp to. There is, however…Thera.

It’s a stupid update, but you’ll still find people acting all hardcore, like it couldn’t possibly be anything but pilot error, and they never have this problem etc but it’s so obvious from some of the things they say that they never actually go anywhere, and so never get tested enough for their bravado to be justified.


I have lived in null since I was 10 days into the game. Played both sides camping many camps and busting through them. Been all over and seen system configurations of all kinds. I can 100% say it is pilot error. The complaints I have seen about how xyz is impossible because you now have at active nullify simply aren’t true. What is true is some systems will take longer to get through safely or some routes might take better planning but the nullified T3 can pansy their way through null just fine.


There’s one above. Two actually. Thera, for instance. Gigantic distances, even worse than these far flung null gates, but the same still applies either way. Way too far that the module will time out before you ever get close, and if you warp to 100km from the gate and get lucky that there’s not a bubble with obstacles there too, to catch just such a sort of thing, there’s no other warp point nearby. So you either decloak and risk getting locked and scrammed by an interceptor, which renders the nullifier useless anyway, or you slowboat under cloak for half an hour away from the wormhole/gate and hope no one outs you as they warp in, which is just the sort of afk gameplay we’re supposed to all abhor (unless you’re a camper, since then you can be as lazy as you like and still lecture others about hard work).

You place too much value on your past experience, as it’s clearly led to the usual problem you get with that sort of thing: orthodoxical thinking, and blindness to what’s new from believing you know it all already. But there are clearly things well outside your experience.

sure I do it wrong. tell me what
why we need additional press button to move is space?
why Damage Control module today is passive module? [maybe make this active again? with timer?]

according this line make all passive modules active, maybe?

problem is that people who makes this changes dont play game deeply. they think like Tipa Riot it is simple, press button and warp. if you exactly play this game you understand that this changе is more complicated. it breaks playstyle for explorers and scouts

imagine, today in july 2021 pvp fleets use shuttles to scout in null-sec and wh-space (nullifier)
this is what we deserve

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Past experience is certainly worth more than the no-experience baloney you’re spouting right now.

Similar to Algathas, I was a null-sec player within a few days of starting this game, and I can most certainly tell you that there are very few systems in the game which don’t allow you to approach crucial gates from unconventional angles. And for someone making fun of "orthodoxical thinking, you’re displaying your own total inability to “leverage synergies” and “think outside the box” by displaying a total lack of knowledge of EVE tactics and strategies. Traveling through hostile territory isn’t merely going from point A to point B - it requires innovation. And you’re utterly devoid of skills like playing mind games with other players, faking your movements in order to control enemy positioning, baiting, et cetera. A clever player can ease campers’ grip on a gate by performing clever maneuvers, which is a possibility you’re not even considering as is evident by your “half-hour slowboat” comments.

Also, your nullifier timing out mid-warp has no bearing on whether you’ll be stopped by a bubble. The pass/fail calculation is decided at the moment you initiate warp, not at the moment you end it. The more you know.


Are you guy serious? 8 upvotes so far? None of you saw any issues with what he said? Well, let me break things down.

You have been using your T3 as a crutch. It has allowed you to be lazy/unskilled. And now that that crutch has been taken away, you blame CCP for your failures. Let me put it this, you say that CCP has killed exploration by changing nullification, yet a metric butt ton of players have done just fine for years by using covops capable ships and even T1 Explo frigs -which could use neither, covops cloaks nor nullification.

True, you can no longer be as lazy and safe as you used to be. So the question now is, how will you respond? Will you blame CCP as you obstinately persist in using deprecated strategies, or will you learn and grow as a player?

Nullsec Travel Tips and Tricks

  • Set up d-scan bookmarks or gate tacs so that you can scan gates.
  • You got decloaked because you were warping gate to gate. Not only will they set up bubbles in line with gates, but they’ll also poop out a can with 1 ammo in it so that it will automatically decloak people warping gate to gate. So, never do that. At the very least, warp Gate–>Celestial–>Gate. And if it’s a route that you frequent, set up bookmarks, such as gate tacs and unaligned safes.
  • Avoid warping to the sun and planets that are nearby gates. People frequently use the sun as an emergency warp out, and use planets by gates as impromptu gate tacs. Thus, some gate camps will actually bubble them, and then follow you there when they see you warping to them.
  • Use Eve Gate Camp Check to see if there are any gatecamps along your route, and what their composition is (depending on what they have, you may or may not decide to try to run it).
  • If it is a busy route (which is often the case; that’s why there’s a camp there), wait for someone else to jump through and draw the camp’s attention.
  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Stop blaming others, and start asking yourself the million dollar question -What can I do differently to get a better result?

Never said anything about unconventional angles not being possible. I’m using them constantly. Not going from gate to gate, or from A to B. I’m using at least 5 or more jumps per system. Yet another person scoring points against their own fallacious arguments, and projected on to me. Nice.

“Also, your nullifier timing out mid-warp has no bearing on whether you’ll be stopped by a bubble. The pass/fail calculation is decided at the moment you initiate warp, not at the moment you end it. The more you know.”

K, interesting. and where is this explained?

Are warp bubbles themselves not a crutch, for those nullsec dwellers who are too lazy to put together patrols and escorts for their krabbers? People need nullification because people need bubbles. They go hand in hand.