How is faction grinding still this bad

Y’all have had 20 years to iron out the outrageous problems with doing pve, why hasn’t it happened? Why is it that I still can lose 100x missions worth of faction for a single ship kill on a bog standard pve mission without any indication that some random ship will cause me .0001 loss vs 0.25 loss? If there isn’t a pve combat option in this game I don’t have much reason to stay.

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no you dont …

and yes ! thats called → Consequenzes ! negative ones are always more “worth” then positive ones !

bye bye :slight_smile: i would ask to have your stuff but i think it you dont have that much if you dont know how much standing gain you got for a mission !


CCP has not touched missions since then so you are right in the same boat as all of us OP.

Back of the request line.

Decline factions is a thing to do.

Empire pve doesn’t have surprise guests. And out of the blue minmatar npc’s will come to save the…angels. That doesn’t happen.

Now if looking at saving pirate standing, yeah that goes to hell fast. something like even a level 3 gurista extravaganza for a nice paying level 3 will quickly have you go 0 to -2 and not standing eligible real fast.

To know how bad the standings will be learn/look up how high “ranking” the empire npc is. If known to drop the good tags that sell for a few million per tag its tanking your standing real fast.


This would never happen if you were running courier missions.

Blitzing couriers has long been the strategy for people who care about faction standing.

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Rule is relatively easy, ship kill standing losses are mostly neglible, structure kills hammer you standing down. Avoid those, and check guides for each mission how to. In the worst case use an alt to do the kills, like for the Gurista arc, where you can’t avoid multiple structure kills.

The higher your standing, the higher the loss.

But yes, those missions where there is no clear indication of what will remove standing are really annoying.

Is that a thing again? I have been away a few years.

I know before drone loot changes and the (then) soon to come pi there was reason to kill even structures in the deadspaces. Some loot could be there.

PI changes took that away.

Did they put stuff back in here while I was gone?

I could go back to structure shoots. Maybe make it fun and run a torp bomber for giggles on larger stuff.

Fun/interesting > isk per hour for me at times lol.

Random structures only drop crap loot if any and are not worth bothering, but in some missions or DED sites they are objectives to kill. I think it is the 4/10 where you have to destroy a radio telescope which drops the reward loot of the site. This always gives you a nominal -2.4% standing penalty with the respective pirate faction.

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They really wanted their radio telescope…

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Why would CCP improve anything when players are still paying them ■■■■ tons of money anyway?

Except if you get killed with the courier cargo and you can’t retrieve it after. Then, depending on your faction standings you can lose way more than 100 missions worth of standing. Speaking from my own experience :wink: . The courier missions are total bs as lvl 3 gives way more standing than lvl 4 and they are shorter and safer.