How long to his 70milj SP when going omega?


After my Alpha state i am about to hit Omega, yes!

I been setting up a pretty heavy skill tree with a third party software to help aiming for what i want to do in the game.

What i do not understand or find info about is how long would i take for me to skill from 5milj. SP to 70milj. SP if only using only the skill tree and +4 implants.

I am not a wealthy person so i will not be using any skill injectors!

Fly Safe

An Omega with +4s will train somewhere around 20M SP a year. So another 65M SP is going to take you around 3 years.

About 3 years however once you unlock Omega your potential for gaining wealth increases alot and you can shove an injector here and there with small drawbacks until 50mil sp.

Ive played back in 2013, and ive been subbed almost non-stop. My SP is around 115 mill.

Problem is, you only get 1 remap a year, but you often find yourself needing to skill things that you are not optimally remapped for.

70 million will take a while.

But may I ask, why 70?

70 is just where i gained enough skill to make me self sufficient in better ways, manufacturing, mining, pvp etc etc.

Just need to take time into calculation, guess i need to start earning some for the skill injectors as 3 years is wayyyyy to long time :slight_smile:

As a precationary measure, have your 70m Sp character to be safe while you reach you goal, because you do not want to be podded with those +4 implants, unless you don’t mind buying same implant again.

I was able to be self sufficient around the 35mil sp mark.

Hitting around 70mil will basically put you in all capital ships and blops.

Well it all depends of how you spread your skill’s is say :wink:

Don’t take me wrong, i can be almost self sufficient already in the game but it will take more gaming time than i have. If i choose my skill to only go for ship/module skills then I’m sure 70milj SP would put me into capital ships and all that :slight_smile:

But i also want to do mining manufacturing, PI, science etc… Wish i find just as fun as pvp part’s of the game and this makes all those skill almost 50% of my goal of 70milj SP. all skills.

I am sure i will have a lot of fun on the way to higher SP, this is only meant as a "grand plan"´and i am aware that my game style or what i like in game might change but that is OK to. Nothing is written in stone here :smile:

If that’s how you want it to be, then okay, but just keep in mind you dont need to get level 5 in everything. A lot of them aren’t worth the time put to take it to 5.

I know, the 70 is just where i want to be at to be able fly most stuff, fit most good, do indy and all that. As it is know I’m re limited of what i can do and what i can not do. Cant wait to have more or call it better freedom in the game. Some Skills do require lvl 5 for T2 modules and some not. This is just a plan and i wanted to find out how long it would take me to skill that mush points, i will have a lot of fun on the way to my goals at higher level.

I was at 30 and could do most of that stuff.

I mostly took only 2 racial ship types.

Skilling up so quickly will not make you a good player.

Go and learn how to play!

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hey … the most important skill is “patience” :wink:


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