How long to his 70milj SP when going omega?

(Insanic) #1


After my Alpha state i am about to hit Omega, yes!

I been setting up a pretty heavy skill tree with a third party software to help aiming for what i want to do in the game.

What i do not understand or find info about is how long would i take for me to skill from 5milj. SP to 70milj. SP if only using only the skill tree and +4 implants.

I am not a wealthy person so i will not be using any skill injectors!

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(Black Pedro) #2

An Omega with +4s will train somewhere around 20M SP a year. So another 65M SP is going to take you around 3 years.

(Dread Saboteur) #3

About 3 years however once you unlock Omega your potential for gaining wealth increases alot and you can shove an injector here and there with small drawbacks until 50mil sp.

(Solonius Rex) #4

Ive played back in 2013, and ive been subbed almost non-stop. My SP is around 115 mill.

Problem is, you only get 1 remap a year, but you often find yourself needing to skill things that you are not optimally remapped for.

70 million will take a while.

But may I ask, why 70?

(Insanic) #5

70 is just where i gained enough skill to make me self sufficient in better ways, manufacturing, mining, pvp etc etc.

Just need to take time into calculation, guess i need to start earning some for the skill injectors as 3 years is wayyyyy to long time :slight_smile:

(Kaylee Rayl) #6

As a precationary measure, have your 70m Sp character to be safe while you reach you goal, because you do not want to be podded with those +4 implants, unless you don’t mind buying same implant again.

(Netan MalDoran) #7

I was able to be self sufficient around the 35mil sp mark.

Hitting around 70mil will basically put you in all capital ships and blops.

(Insanic) #8

Well it all depends of how you spread your skill’s is say :wink:

Don’t take me wrong, i can be almost self sufficient already in the game but it will take more gaming time than i have. If i choose my skill to only go for ship/module skills then I’m sure 70milj SP would put me into capital ships and all that :slight_smile:

But i also want to do mining manufacturing, PI, science etc… Wish i find just as fun as pvp part’s of the game and this makes all those skill almost 50% of my goal of 70milj SP. all skills.

I am sure i will have a lot of fun on the way to higher SP, this is only meant as a "grand plan"´and i am aware that my game style or what i like in game might change but that is OK to. Nothing is written in stone here :smile:

(Solonius Rex) #9

If that’s how you want it to be, then okay, but just keep in mind you dont need to get level 5 in everything. A lot of them aren’t worth the time put to take it to 5.

(Insanic) #10

I know, the 70 is just where i want to be at to be able fly most stuff, fit most good, do indy and all that. As it is know I’m re limited of what i can do and what i can not do. Cant wait to have more or call it better freedom in the game. Some Skills do require lvl 5 for T2 modules and some not. This is just a plan and i wanted to find out how long it would take me to skill that mush points, i will have a lot of fun on the way to my goals at higher level.

(Solonius Rex) #11

I was at 30 and could do most of that stuff.

I mostly took only 2 racial ship types.

(Poncy Twaat) #12

Skilling up so quickly will not make you a good player.

Go and learn how to play!

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(JuuR Zibaoo) #13

hey … the most important skill is “patience” :wink: