How long will it last?

So eve for some damn strange reason is still alive and celebrating 16 years. This angry semi toxic community is great at keeping the game alive. But I wonder how long will this niche game last especially with a community so hostile towards new player and non pvp players and very often towards each other.

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Ultima Online (AFAIK the first “modern” MMO) is still alive. Probably not a lot of expensive development going on though :slight_smile:

Stabilized software is cheap to maintain and operate. EVE will probably be around in ten years.

I think “old school” style with new players “throw them in and watch them drown” is on its last legs though. CCP seems to have finally figured out that treating new players that way has cost them a lot of money. Lets hope the development money doesn’t run out before they figure out what to do .

I seem to have experienced most toxicity from those peaceful, non-pvp players.

It’s funny how the world works in mysterious ways…


well in that both ccp and the community the to change to keep both old and new.

Our community isn’t hostile to new players.

This is a troll thread.


EVE is already dead

…since 1988


Oh joy, another concern troll thread.

In my experience most of EVE is a very welcoming community willing to help new players. However, it is generally expected of new players that they make some effort themselves to try to understand the game.

As for the toxic ag players, they do often spout the most inane nonsense in local, but if someone feels they cross a line they can send a petition.


Concern trolling? Second time I see you calling this.
Aka pretend to care but actually follow hidden agenda?

If you pay attention you’ll see the most toxic players are anti-pvp.

And the most damaging to the new players are newer anti-pvp players too.


I experienced toxicity from both parts be in pvp or non pvpers. Mostly it is the bigger corps that has the most ass hats but even small ones but still a problem sense the time I started EVE I would sadly say it takes the top 5 spot of most toxic community’s ever in online gaming only games worse than EVE is LoL,CoD,HoN as the top 3. But mostly it´s the forums of eve man people seam to be experts at everything and if no one agrees with them well the ■■■■ starts.

One of the biggest reason I left eve 2 years ago is the community and CCP not having a clue on what they rely want to do with the game. I only check out the forums here and there like now on it´s 16th birthday which I still wonder how it can be alive.

Isn’t that how it always goes? “Better for the game”, “to help the newbies”, “change or the game dies”, “drop subscription costs or players will leave” but it’s always so very obviously about themselves.


This ^^^

New players that come to learn and challenge themselves are lauded. Those that come with an entitled/selfish attitude will get a wake up,


Btw the most toxicity I’ve witnessed is actually not from people who shoot or steal your stuff (I do that too btw :stuck_out_tongue: ) or scam you or whatever but from people who come here with completely irrational expectations (opt-in pvp, safe spaces, no competition and so on) and when those are not met they rage, wish bad things upon legitimate players, accuse them of being toxic and trolls and want to change the game to cater to their personal benefits against the very nature (sandbox, always at risk of pvp) of EVE itself, completely negating what the game and its legitimate players are here for in the first place, showing they only care about themselves not the game nor fellow players.

In short they are not here to play the game, they are here to twist it towards their selfish wants and entitlement and are quite toxic in their behaviour when someone does not share their vision.


Yes, yes it is. Just that specific “concern trolling” I was asking about.
The best part is that these guys think anyone outside of the forums ■■■■■■■ cares.

Well I would say of new players should make there effort to learn the game is it like that with any good game no holding hand. But I seen my fear share of old vets taking a piss on new players making them never to want to come back not because the game was hard but how they say the community.

I have no concern for eves community I know it´s 70% ass hats and 30% good people just like any game out there I was just thinking how long will the game last when maybe out of all new players maybe 10% stick around for longer than a year I seen far more populated mmos than eve die down.

Personally, I don’t agree that the in-game community is that toxic. I also believe, that we try to take care of newer players as well as we can. If you believe that destruction is toxic, then that is just how the game works. We usually do tend to be patient and helpful to newbies not coming in screaming and whining.

However, I do agree that the forum is a weird place, but it’s easy enough to just ignore people, you think is a waste of time.

As for CCP not having a clue, that is really not the communities fault, but I do also agree, that CCP’s slow iterations on systems can be quite disheartening.

This post should have been your OP. My initial thought to the current OP was “Oh, another one of those”. The follow up post, does show some more nuanced views and a better base for discussion.

But well of curse Solstice when some one is a egotistical dickhead you often don´t care about what other thinks because it´s more about them self than others that matters.

I care more than you. You’re just the usual asshole making ■■■■ up. And put some structure into your sentences, kid. You received some education, so ■■■■■■■ make use of it.

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Well Uriel I can state I seen both I spent years in null and low and man the anger people have and how childish people can be is kinda sad but Yes also hig sec people can be cancer im not pointing fingers only on pvp players but the community as a whole. Also what strange is how bloody far people can take it over a game. Like the time some people found out where a titan pilot lived got there and cut hes power so he could not log in during a war man some people goes to far for a bloody game.

I wonder has some one pissed in your coffee or was it long time ago you got laid or was you just born angry I mean if you can´t have a normal conversation with out taking the piss on people maybe you should stay quiet ?