How many Stargates are in New Eden?

I’m just curious…
how many usable stargates are in new eden?
And which star systems have the largest number of gates and which ones have the least?
What is the average number of gates the star systems have?
I guess highsec star systems have more stargates than lowsec or nullsec and those ‘old’ star systems have no gates connected to ‘new’ ones. Am I right?

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The least are easy to answer: The myriad of dead end systems with only one gate connection.

As for system with most stargates: Aghesi. Jita is in second place with a number of other systems with 7 gates.

Technically, if you count wormholes as gates, Thera would hold that record by a wide margin.

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Easiest way to find out would be to load up Dotlan, grab a large cup of coffee and start counting…

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(from the SDE)

Tash-Murkon Prime and Aghesi both have 8 gates.

Average is 2.65. (from systems which have gates. so we’re excluding wormholes, abyssal systems and jove space)

average highsec is 2.89
average lowsec is 2.702
Average nullsec is 2.55


Amarr Victor! :amarr:

Just more ways to smuggle slaves about…

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very primitive question.
there are 6913 gates

just search file mapJumps.csv in the internet
it has 13826 lines,
and every gate is repeated twice, like

so divide by 2

probably you need to buy “komputer”

:smiley: 13826 gates. Because you need one at each end :wink:


No because every end is also a beginning :alien:

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Does that include the Jovian gates as well?

There are no jovian gates now.

Actually the Jovian Gate Network is still there, it’s just offline.

Anyway, I guess your answer is no, the number you posted doesn’t include Jovian Gates.

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Dammit Steve did you have that on hand just waiting for this question to be asked???


It’s just a few simple SQL queries on the SDE.

(I do SQL stuff for a living. amongst other things. keeping in practice is a good thing.)

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You need 2 ends and 2 begininnings to travel betweeen 2 points. Often this means you have 2 points acting both as beginning and end.

Who takes care of the EvE offline site? Maybe this statistic could be added. This question should be available immediately when it changes. My bio has wrong numbers because I haven’t changed it in maybe a decade.

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