How much are these toons worth? I'm looking to sell

I agree to 19.5b. If you confirm, I will send you (to Ulbrick) in game mail with the name of the destination account and 19.5b isk.


Just to be clear - How I’ve done it in the past, when it comes to selling characters is to have the ISK sent to the character being sold (Ulbrick in our case).

I’ll then send it to another character and start the transfer :).

Online now on said character, if you sending it via a message makes you comfortable then go ahead bud.

Sending you message right now. Please confirm receipt, then I’ll send isk and account.

Isk and account name sent.

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Recieved both.

Sorry about the delay mate, can you confirm in the chat about the username and such?

Transfer done, enjoy!

Thanks, will confirm once received in 10 hours.

All confirmed. Thank you for the nice experience. Good luck with the isk!

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