How much dps do low-sec gate guns have?

As the topic.

167 DPS omni damage per sentry gun.


176 DPS damnit.

Well i suppose you want to see how long you can last against them or if they can save your ass. Theory crafting is great. Logging into SISI and testing it out live is priceless :sunglasses:

i thought the damage increases over time

we are not talking about tower diving in league.

in the past gate guns would start with low damage and it would increase the longer you stayed on the gate
thats how it used to work and afaik that was how it still worked
maybe they changed the mechanic but thats how it was last i heard
maybe a few years now but dont pull lol crap on me because thats how it was

In the past they did all damage at once. At some point in 2013, or 2014, they changed that so the damage starts lower and increases per volley, and buffed the sentry’s max damage output slightly to 170+. I don’t remember the numbers, but they do double the damage in TH/KI than EM/EX. This change made suicide ganking in trashers a tad more accessible, because it then became less skill intensive to achieve three artillery volleys before the turrets pop it.

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There are fits that able to perma tank gate guns(dual rep capstable deimos). if damage increase was a thing, those fits would simply not work.

If you don’t believe it, then fit a destroyer for sentry damage, go to a 0.5 and attack someone at a gate. You will see, first hand, that the damage increases per volley.

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