How much time we lose because there is no normal saving of settings

Sometimes settings are reset. After updates. After errors. When you delete the game and install it again. When you buy a new computer or hard drive. And that’s what you need to do after this. Everytime. For all accounts. I have a SP farm. Somebody kill me.






But you just need to do this



How much time should we lose time after time instead of playing? I asked people, not only my settings are reset after updates. Your profile saving system does not work. PLZ create a simple text import/export system.

Players have been complaining for years that there is no proper feature for selectively importing and exporting settings. (We all know the “profiles” thing doesn’t do what we thought it was supposed to do.) There are some messy workarounds involving copying and overriding files, but as you can imagine this isn’t always desirable.

It might be worth bringing up again in the Feature Requests forum, though. Maybe if we complain loud enough CCP will listen to us this time around.

Unfortunately, when the last update, a workaround did not work for me. Totally. I think that if problems are not solved in the next month, I will post a copy of this topic wherever the game is sold, for example, in Steam. I have already lost many hours because of this and I am very angry.
I use a translator. Could you post a copy of this topic in the Feature Requests? Use screenshots freely. Or is the translation normal? And then I’ll do it myself.
It would be nice to get to someone from the authorities. My bosses would never let this go on for long.

I did read in-game of a skill-farmer with 170+ accounts, who had to re-enter the whole lot in the launcher after the last update…

My advice: As much as possible, get cozy with the default settings to minimize your “need” to change when your settings are reset (etc)

Although the translator clearly does not cope try to understand what I said looking at the pictures. Maybe you did not see the spoilers.

This can be done only if you do not work in real work. I have two of them and already a week as I have not played at all. Because in those few hours that I set up everything all over again and wrote on this forum. Honestly, it is terribly uninteresting and time consuming. Yes, and just insulting. Such an attitude to your own subscribers, ССР!

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