How much traffic can you “suck”?

It seems that SSR’s business is not a game, but simply the generation of outgoing traffic (for which the user pays). I can’t explain the hundreds of megabytes of daily updates in any other way.


Yeah, the constant updates to the Launcher bugs me too…

Some say it’s server side fixes but I don’t know if that’s true since I’m not a computer programmer.

I have noticed that the majority of those Launcher updates seem to upload the same amount of data. That, plus the fact that I don’t know exactly what is being uploaded, makes me very suspicious.

Anyway, hopefully somebody else knows exactly what those constant updates are and can show what they contain…


Check the little bug report/update ready/Info icon on the launcher. Are you getting indicators and update info when these happen, or is it happening frequently with no feedback?

(I don’t watch what the launcher does so frankly have no idea when it updates or not.)


Well, it’s kinda hard to not notice the Launcher updating… At the very least it takes a few minutes to complete. As for the little green info icon, I’ve clicked it a few times in the past after an upload was done but since I’m not a computer programmer I wouldn’t really understand it, let alone even know if it’s correct or not.

Unfortunately I haven’t been taking notes on the exact amount of data being uploaded, how often it happens during the week or the reason given for the upload.

Of course I will definitely start doing that now…

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