How should I try and recut people

How should I we have a lot of things we do and access to null and a 75% insurance but not that meany people have wnated to join what gives?

People want things to do that they think are fun, if the list of stuff your corp does includes mining, industry, and mission running, then 99% of players will look somewhere else for what they view to be good content.

Another cause might be low member count, in general, people want to be part of a big group, so seeing that a corp has 3 members will make recruitment harder.

And for the last thing that i can think of: are you advertising in the right places? This might sound a bit vague, but think of the people you want to join, what do they do? What do they find fun? are they active? I could go on and on with this list, but there’s one big thing: where are they?
If you are posting corp advertisements in Jita, then all you will get is blocks, what you need to do is track down the people you want to have in your corp and convince them that your corp is better, try and make friends with them, people will feel better about joining a corp if they feel that there is some one that they know already in the corp.

EDIT: Also, expect a very small number of people to join, a number that is floating in my head is somewhere around 2% or less

WHEW, alright, there’s my two cents, feel free to use it or not.
o7 fellow nerd

good thing we have gone from 3 to 23 or 24 don’t rember which

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