How things changed after ESS update

before there were peoples ratting doing things and it really feel like the area is active and thriving but now its pretty much empty or atleast not as active as it used to, my corp mates dont log in as much as they used to as well as the activity around the area down alot. i understand CCp want to control isk sink and promote pvp but what they did actually hurt both farmers and pvpers, why?

At this point who want to undock to farm for little isk? with no one farming there wont be anything in ESS or so little to care to defend it and in turn hunter will find less and less peoples to gank, ccp has a good idea but they turned it into ■■■■. reverse the bounty system nerf so peoples could farm and when there are enough isk in ESS peoples will come and defend which promote pvp

This only happened because a majority of the EVE playerbase was baby’d and pampered for 3+ years with easy, low effort isk generation. Now that CCP is making changes to remove it, their sense of entitlement is coming through and they’re throwing a tantrum about it.

Once the rampant bloat in the ecosystem is slowed down enough, CCP plans to bring back isk/resource generation through different systems that will prevent such runaway bloat.

That’s kind of the entire point.
People got complacent with how easy it is to make isk with low attention, unlimited faucets.



poor people are so annoying :frowning:

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Long story short.

The hemorrhoid suppositories market become very profitable.


More sand in my sandbox :slight_smile:

I can totally see all the carebears …
… who used to dock up as soon as a non-blue enters local …
… now totally being willing to defend their ISK against other players.


Also please ignore how he states people will come to defend the ESS.
It’s not “I will” it’s “people will”.

It’s totally not a made up argument.

Not at all.

Oh btw, just as a refresher, how much does someone earn running sites in nullsec?

its PEOPLES meaning everyone who has money in the ESS, when you have 100m in the ESS peoples will defend it but i dont expect you to understand because you are too high up there its best you get off your high horse really.

Well, they just buffed the numbers. Has that not helped? In fact, I actually have a host of questions. I mean, you say that they system needs changing, but you didn’t offer much insight into how things fair under the DBS. True, you did say that ratting activity is down, but other than that, you might as well have just said, “the DBS sucks. Please roll back.”

How much were you making before?
How much are you making now?
Have you tried anything in order to maximize your income (such as spread out, or rotate the systems that you rat in)?
What are those strats?
Have they been effective?
Has the ESS facilitated emergent gameplay opportunities?
Has this increased the likelihood that you and/or your group will fight neuts that come around?
Are more neuts coming around \ has your risk been dramatically increased?
Are neuts trying to steal from your ESS?
Who are you -large bloc, small unafiliated alliance, renter? (This is relevant because how you guys are being impacted by the DBS might differ from other demographics.)
Has the buff increased ratting activity?
Has the buff helped bring incomes back up to a more acceptable level?
Assuming that CCP is commited to the DBS (which they probably are), what would you change about the DBS?

Also, I used to fly EC’s during phase 2 of invasions. I knew from the get go that the risk to reward ratio was off, and had decided to make the most money that I could while I could. Thus, I didn’t get mad when they got nerfed. In spite of an obviously broken risk to reward ratio, however, other people did get upset. They didn’t seem to know or care about whether or not the content was properly balanced. The only thing that seemed to matter to them was that their income got nerfed. Thus, I have to ask. Is the amount of money that you are making under the DBS really that bad, and/or is the risk to reward ratio actually that terrible, or are people just mad because their income got nerfed?

Also, some punctuation would be nice if you make a particularly lengthy response.


Personally, it hasn’t hurt me much. Our main system for ratting is the one we gatecamp all the time, so all the kills have driven the bounties up to 160% payout. No problems here, just trying to see how we can game the system at the moment.

Carry on, salt is a commodity with constant value, and I am rolling in the isk from these threads.


CCP is not our friend. We just need to deal and live with it.

I heard someone complaining that they couldn’t make their 10mil ticks anymore so I’m guessing a tiny amount not sure why they don’t just try something other than anoms.

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The new ESS system really hurt PvE as much as PvP. If CCP wanted people to PvP more then they made the wrong change. Now they have cut off a prime source of income for many people. Thus making it so people will NOT pvp because they dont have the funds to buy ships/equip when they lose them. Nice work CCP… you messed this one up badly.

Nice slippery slope.


Last I checked Arbitrators still work

For someone to have 100 Mil in the ESS they have to be making 100 Mil / hr in bounties alone.
Farmers are not going to come running to defend your isk, so it only matters how much of their own isk is in there, and you weren’t making that isk with a standard ratting sub cap before the nerf either.

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After ESS patch it is almost unreal to keep military index at max lvl bacause it raises too slow. Damn wtf?

Well…At least is doesn’t cost anything to go back to Alpha.

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Shove an alpha bot in the ESS that scoops & posts to citadel everytime neutral enters constelation or choke, as per norm if neutral enters local alpha docks.

I imagine the above is the solution, it will still lose isk to filament yeeters.

LMAO, I actually found less risky ways to make isk. At least, less risk of being snagged by some ganker.

if what you say is true, then congratulations, CCP has successfully achieved one of the goals they were aiming for.