How to create calculated fields?

Hi all,

Is there a way to create a calculated field? Here are a few use cases where I think it could be really useful:

  • Inventory screen - If I’m short on inventory space, I want to take the stuff that has the highest (Estimated Price / Volume) ratio. That way I’m maximizing my haul. This could be an additional calculated field on the “List” view of the inventory screen
  • Compare screen - I may want to compare two variables on my equipment. So for example, with a turret you have a benefit (i.e., damage modifier) and a cost (i.e., activation cost). Is there a way to be able to add my own calculated field to show (damage modifier / activation cost) to see which turrets give me the best efficiency of damage to energy use?

Thanks in advance!

That inventory buff would be nice for pvp looting +1

No, there is no way to sort based on price. You will have to hover your mouse over each loot and see whether they are pricey or not.

This exists.

Just have to pull up the “Show info” tab on any item, then go to the “variations” tab, where you can see the various types of guns, i.e. Meta and T1, T2 variants, etc. It will allow you to compare almost every aspect of that weapon with its own variant.

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