How to crush it with a free to play model

I dont know who needs to hear this but here is how to crush it with a free to play model imo.

  1. The game should not require players to download 20-30gb to get started
  2. it should look fine and run fine on low specced systems. players should not strongly feel they are missing out with low system specs
  3. assume you are going to have a small budget. dont waste money
  4. keep references to monetization in game to a minimum
  5. no player should feel they have to spend money
  6. offer ways for the player to spend money that does not interfere with his or others way of playing the game

thats it

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  1. I have 24TB of storage.
    1.a) I actually think I understand you first point a little better, you don’t have to download the entire client to play eve though.
  2. Disable graphics, the game runsgreat! on ■■■■ systems!
  3. Who? The player or the devs?
  4. This is a method of obfuscating how much money you are spending and imho should be banned. All services should be required to post the EXACT dollar amount an in-game item costs.
  5. Why? Why shouldn’t you pay for the products you use?
  6. How would you suggest players spend their money on a game? Think of it like this, if i pay for a full length movie, i expect to get the full length movie.

If you are going to make a free to play game dont be putting Buy this buy that in the players face when they play or even visit the website or read email from ccp. they wont enjoy it. Which makes it counter-productive. You need to be subtle with the monetization.

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