How to deal with frustration after lost ship

I am a new player and I like the abyssal deadspace
I have lost 10 gila and it caused me to be frustrated every time

How to deal with depression?
The last time I lost the ship, I think it encountered a BUG. I cannot operate my drone or lanuch new drone. Should I report it and request it to be restored?

Thanks for your reply, it helped me a lot

Others that can help you more will be along soon. Don’t mind the haters.


If you really are a new player, I don’t think starting out in a Gila and running Abyssals should be your priority. Get used to losing ships by flying cheaper ones first before jumping into Gilas and Abyssals.

Beyond that, a Gila should be more than capable of completing many Abyssals, so I’m gonna need more information on how you are fitting your Gila (are you fitting it properly) and what kind of Abyssal pockets you’re running.


Unfortunately, CCP does not reimburse ship losses in the abyss.

As for your depression, I suggest seeing a psychiatrist.

Well, I don’t mind losing ships because (1) I don’t fly what I can’t afford to lose, and (2) I try to learn from my mistakes. So even when I do lose ships, I tend to get something out of it.

  1. scoot’s answer is perfect
  2. how can you deal with frustration when you play counterstrike and get shot?
    how can you deal with frustration when you play soccer and loose the match?
    Shipwreck’s suhggestion is also good
  3. try abyssal with 3 frigates with two friends. Much cheaper, more fun. Less frustration?

Whiskey in copious quantities.


Simple solution

Stop wasting RL money to buy ships you don’t know how to fly. Just because you have the skill points doesn’t mean you have the skill to use something.

Go back, grab frigates or maybe T1 cruisers and learn how to use ships and the mechanics.
Once you understand those, and have an in game income to support losing Gila’s on a daily base, then fly them (EVE rule no 1)


This plus what skills do you have?

Bare minimum? All level 4? All to 5? It matters

My coping mechanism involves an understanding of how “it’s just a game” is a simple misinterpretation of what a loss in Eve truly represents. Your ship at the very least represents the time spent on obtaining it, which may or may not be a big deal. Reflect on that before you undock. Only when you can promise yourself that you can emotionally deal with the worst case scenario (losing ship + getting podded) and aim to learn from it, you undock. If you don’t feel that way, you’re not in the right mindset to be playing EvE for the moment.

There’s no shame in walking away for a spell to recollect your thoughts. My best way? Smoke a cigarette (or just take a walk) outside. Reminds me the game is not that important. I feel a lot better when I detach from the screen for a few minutes, laughing at my own bruised gamer ego after I got my ass handed to me. Are you sure the emotion you are sensing is depression? I always feel a bit humiliated after a loss, and it’s okay to address this. To some this is reason to leave the game. For others like me, it is motivation to get better. It’s just a matter of mindset.

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Aside from the excellent advice already given above I’d add:

View every ship loss as a learning experience. Figure out what went wrong and how you can deal with it the next time. That way you still gain something with every loss.

Also, if you’re running tier 5 abyssals, ship loss is part of the deal. There are some rare combinations of spawns that will be too tough for the most hardened abyssal vets. Tier 4 abyssals can be run without issue though.

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OP is a new player, if he runs T5s, in gilas, and looses 10 gilas, then maybe there is a problem there. Evrything is working as intended. OP, this game is not for you. Really

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