How to delete unused drone groups?

Is there a way to delete drone group categories that I don’t need anymore? In the past I recall there was a way to delete them in the UI however in Photon I can’t see a way to do this.

I have lots of old groupings I’d like to replace but as far as I can tell it seems tied to a cache somewhere.

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If I recall correctly, it is a right click menu option on an empty group.

To clarify, I’m trying to delete the groups listed in the ‘Move to group’ menu. Right clicking on the options acts the same as a left click (moves the selected drone[s] into that group).

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Right-Click on the text “Drones in Bay” or “Drones in Space”. There is an option marked with a red triangle (Photon UI), named “Delete Group”. Click on it and it lets you select a drone group to delete.


Maybe this should be a career agent thing? I’ve seen this question asked countless times in both the English help channel and the Hedion University Channel. Ironically, the latter is where I got the answer when I asked it, and in the former questions are less likely to be answered.

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Got it, thanks!

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