How to Earn ISK

I finished the Carrer agents and I want to ask how to earn ISK

That is a very open ended question with a lot of answers from the glib to the constructive.

The first question is “what do you want to do in New Eden?” You’ve tried all the career agents - what interested you the most? Everything will give you an income, and in general the more of a specialist you are then the more you will earn - both through better skills and through experience.
For example: my skills in hacking give me better stats, yes, but having done a lot of hacking has given me a feel for how to progress a hack.

What do you want the ISK for? This is tied to the above - don’t think “bigger and more expensive ship is an automatic win machine” you will lose a very expensive toy. You can have a lot of fun in cheap frigates that you don’t worry about loosing when you’d be flying scared of loosing a 500m ISK HAC.
And you’ll learn a lot more about combat as you loose those frigates. And a well fitted combat T1 frigate is only about 6m ISK.
I’d never suggest a new driver learns in a Ferrari, a good cheap hatchback will teach you more and be cheaper to run and repair.

And that’s the other thing - as you gain experience and understand what you are doing then you’ll make a living from it and have an income that’ll fund that living.

Finally: ISK isn’t a score. You play for enjoyment - and you don’t need ISK for that, just the right mindset.

Also: Eve is a social game.
You can play solo, but life is more fun with others in it.
There are a thousand friends out there you haven’t met yet.

Unless you like mining then try:
Exploration: take a cheap ship into a wormhole system and have a poke around. You’ll probably die, but there’s adrenalin and the chance of getting out with some good loot.
Dabble with industry. Find something people want to buy for their ship and buy the materials to make it. T1 industry is a starting point, but intermediate materials and T2 can be a good earner. If you like economics and running a business it’s a good deep area of the game (it’s my pond - paddle with care!)
Mission running - concentrate on one or two NPC corps so you progress to higher missions more quickly - the loot can be good.

Talk to people and start to fly with them. Join their corporations and learn from them. Make friends.


I often made more ISK with the salvaging of wrecks than with mining. Mining is ok if you do it to produce ships and items. At the daily login you often receive blueprints and it would be a waste not to use them. Actually beginners should use every opportunity to make a profit.

Try ratting it’ll make you suffer, but the best rewards are there.

Unless it’s null space :slight_smile:

So get that vexor first!

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