How to enter restricted Lvl 5 Mission deadspace after combat probing target

if that’s the only exploit description then my b.

I’m def going to mess around with this mission later out of curiosity. It sounds like folks who have run it really like it. It’s a wild mission with hundreds of concord ships. Although, definitely not an isk efficient way to run lvl 5s.

It took this dude FIVE HOURS to complete it (back in 2012):

And that is something that I can never understand about people, why are people so freaking obsessed just to PVP something where there are thousands of obliging people ready for a fight, move on, have some fun with people who like to be groped.

Also drink so Darjeeling tea.

Thrill of the chase, man.


Yeah, guess I just don’t feel anything at all, not even pvp, nor when I lose ships, I simply just like going about my routine in game doing industry stuff.

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that’s what she said.

(I feel I missed something here )

The exploit of bypassing gates is not done by manually flying for 30mins.

You warp to a celestial in line with gate, if no celestial is in line you make a book mark using celestial.

When you enter warp make a book mark 50k km. You then repeat until you narrow a good warp in.

People used this to enter last room in missions or ded sites for ages. It got patched but still works for some.