How to file a petition?

I have a complaint regarding the political nature of some player names. This caused a spat and I was told that rather than voice my issue here, I should have “filed a petition”.

I have no idea if that was meant as a suggestion to follow a formal process recognized by CCP or if it was a suggestion to follow whatever willy nilly process I saw fit and deliver CCP some document that will most likely be filed neatly in a garbage can. I asked and I got no help whatsoever.

I browsed some posts claiming to be “petitions” but got no clue there either as to any set format or method, such as, is here, the forum, the place to start? Because I DID start in a post here making the complaint, although it was addressed to a player and not to CCP or admins of this forum nor titled “petition”.

So, anyone know anything? Anyone have any real experience filing a petition with CCP? Anyone have any advice on where to start and how to go about it? And what’s the best way to make sure its seen and considered by someone other than one who thinks the trash can doubles as a filing cabinet?

I would imagine they mean file a ticket, press F12 in game go to get help and select an option within there.


So Ridley Rohan character is still alive…:thinking:


Thanks for being concerned about me. Your default thought for those who disappear should probably be that it was simply forced upon them.

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@ Destiny Corrupted Be helpful or be elsewhere please.

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Press F12 > get help ingame and follow the instructions, Electromagnetic Physics it is not

Not sure if you read the OP bub. My issue began on the forum.

Also “filing a petition” is not necessarily the same thing as “file a ticket”.

Plus, guess what? I remapped F12 a very long time ago. What I get with it is an attempt to recall drones plus, after an update, an unwanted screenshot taken.

Maybe its not Electromagnetic Physics. Rocket science perhaps with a bit of mind reading thrown in? :man_shrugging: :

I mean I do live in a time where even U.S. presidents don’t know what words mean.

Thats because you’re forgetting they are the same thing, when an EVE player tells you to file a petition they literally mean submit a support ticket, because that is how name issues are handled

So yeah, that is how you get what you want, and yes i read the opening post and i noticed how you misunderstood what you were told :slight_smile:

How’s about you stop badgering me? I opened this thread for assistance and explanations, not your talking down as if 1) you are certainly correct and 2) you think I already knew that which I am here asking about. You were not party to the discussion I am relaying here either.

If what you say is true its pretty much unique to Eve. And what part of F12 not working got you so confused?

Try and get over yourself.

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Yet when i gave you the answer to your question you said it wasn’t what you wanted when it was actually what you were asking for

I mean, i am actually correct, as much as it doesn’t match the outcome you expected and the reason i told you what to do was based on the assumption you didn’t know what you’re asking about, hence me pointing out that a “petition” in EVE terms is a support ticket

Where was i confused about your choice of rebinding keys exactly? i gave you the default location of it, if you’re rebinding keys you should be aware of whatever you rebound it to

There isn’t anything for me to “get over”, you asked a question, i gave you an answer

you can also go to and submit a report that way…

Select Submit a Request
Select: Game Play Support
Category: Rules and Policies-> Offensive Character Names and Biographies

Then the rest is simple


So, not only do you want High Sec to be 100% safe, you also want to control what players name their toons. Sorry, but EVE isn’t going to go “woke”…

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Some names that have made it in, are on the offensive side, and I do agree that any RL political names shouldn’t be used.


And the issues with your “answer” are not rocket science but whatever

Actually no. That’s not where this began. It began with me not being allowed to explain to a player why his name was friggen offensive. Since I was denied my freedom of speech about a rather important topic and a player was given freedom to spread a message of evil on the forum, I am searching for a different route.

Don’t like it? Insist on the freedom speech like I do. Too irresponsible for that? Then sit down, stay on topic and never mind my demand for a level playing field in lieu of free speech.

How can anyone prevent you from doing this? Open a chat with them and/or write them an EVE mail. You literally can’t get in trouble for this unless you yourself are offensive in the process.

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Good luck with that. There are literally tens of thousands of toons with derogatory names. And it’s been that way for years. CCP won’t do anything about it.

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