How to find Blueprint copies in Contracts?

I’m trying to find a Drake BPC, and got no results when i tried searching. How do you search for something you don’t have a link for?

Sorry , I don’t know:neutral_face:

Search for drake and filter for blueprint copy.

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In your Neocom (the 3 lines at the top to get to more items), go to Business -> Contracts

Click on the “Available Contracts” tab.

Set your search and filters like I have in this image:

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One other thing to note- read the contract CAREFULLY! Make sure that the item matches the description, that you can access the station where it is offered, check the number of runs, etc.

There are scams out there, so while lots of contracts are completely legitimate, buyer beware and make sure you read the fine print.

thank you, I wasn’t using the filters correctly, with your advice i was able to find what I needed.


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