How to Find Where to Buy a Module

I want to buy a specific module. It isn’t available in the market where I am (Pasha). Is there a way in-game to see what systems sell specific products? Or is there a free app available somewhere for this?


Just go to Jita. Jita is like the Wal-Mart of EVE. If Jita doesn’t have it, it doesn’t exist…

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OK. Will do. That’s a long way for me! LoL


One of the best options is to use a third-party market tool. EVE Marketer is my favorite:

This will let you see what is available, what the different prices and locations are, and let you estimate how far you want to go to get a deal.

That’s another third party tool. These market pages allow you to find almost any item that is available in EVE and tell where to go to get it.

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Also, the range filter for your market tool may be set to solar system - change it to region. Click the little gear wheel to the right of the search button. There is another little gear in the top right corner that will let you filter by security, price range and a couple of other things - if you’re only interested in highsec - uncheck the other boxes.


The main trade hubs are Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie and Hek, check which is closest to you.

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Amarr is just 5 jumps away - enjoy shopping!


Eve is divided into a series or regions The market tab only lists items for sale in the region you are currently in (or you can filter that down to just your system or station. Pasha is in Tash-Murkon.
As has been noted above, the nearest major market is at Amarr in Domain five or so jumps from Pasha. These market hubs formed naturally early on in the history of Eve based around easy to access areas with good mission agents. The agents have changed, but the markets have their own inertia now.
Jita is the largest and busiest market. It is also a common haunt of prirates (gankers) and con-merchants.
Amarr (EFA at Oris) is the second biggest hub, but quieter and safer (nothing in Eve is safe). You’ll be able to buy almost everything at either.

There are third-party aggregators that can give a view across all regions. They’ve already been linked to above.

It’s worth looking at the prices for different modules with the same functions. Meta-modules - with performance between the basic T1 modules and the T2 modules - are sometimes surprisingly cheap because they are frequently dropped by enemy ships in missions.

Be aware: filling your ship with nice expensive items to haul to another market to sell for a profit may seem like a good idea, but in practice you could be a really nice piñata for someone.
It can be done, but you need to understand the risks and sensible limits.


Yep you will definitely find everything you need in Jita IV-4.

But if you want much nicer experience with less scams and generally less retards in local, just go to Amarr or Dodixie.


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