How to fix combat interceptors

(Sepheir Sepheron) #128

They can do similar things. They all got a huge speed buff.

(Markus Reinhart) #129

It’s still not on par. Again, not saying in a direct fight an intie would win. There’s many ships that can’t win from an AF., that was mentioned several times.

I’m saying an intie has a decent place and can do fine.

(Lugburz) #130

In what sort of engagement???

(Markus Reinhart) #131

most of your solo kills that raptor could have done as well

(Sepheir Sepheron) #132

It’s true yes they are cheap and not totally worthless because yes they are fast and have low sig bloom. It’s just sad that their niche is gone and theyre just being related to pirate or assault frigates in price so they’re quite trash in comparison. Why fly Claw when you can fly Dramiel etc

(Lugburz) #133

not really no.

Your argument is invalid because your comparing the combat ceptors to other ships that it SHOULD be used against or in the way it should be used; but you are completely disregarding that without the nullification theres really no real need to use them. The niche role the filled for us has gone.

You seem to have a mental block on that as you do with my solo board tbh.

(Markus Reinhart) #134

the whole bubble immunity was a ■■■■ move (as mentioned earlier), it should never have happened. it’s a ■■■■ niche. Losing that ability obviously “hurts” comparing to having it.

What inties bring is a lvl of speed and agility doesn’t doesn’t have to break the bank. People fitting 300 mil AF’s with a bil in implants just to not die (which is a level of carebear that is silly). They’re fine for what they need to do.

(Lugburz) #135

they are not.

This is what combat interceptors are supposed to do.

but yeh i guess two gangs of around 40 each are all clowns.

Incidently i lost a crusader that day to a slicer too.

(Markus Reinhart) #136

You mean what ■■■■■■■■ they could do in a blobbing environment, mr. soloer.

(Lugburz) #137

i have no idea what that means.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #138

They never been instalokied. Ceptors are made of glass.

(Markus Reinhart) #139

it means that all you think about is “lol fleet fleet fleeeeeeet with mad buffs!!!11!!11 How can we get more lulzy nonsense game mechanics. It’s not overpowered at all, you just don’t know how to deal with it!!1!1111”

Whereas I have this whole thread been going “there’s more than fleets, fast agile ships work great for solo work”.

(Lugburz) #140

thats a solo video, im solo.

You’re “speshul”

(Lugburz) #141

ive been in a fleet when a claw gang got chemoloki’d

(Markus Reinhart) #142

Yup, didn’t see that, you’re right.

Still, you’re mad because you can’t do that any more, because what you did made good sense from a balance point of view.

(PI farmer1) #143

@Markus_Reinhart Why isn’t it viable for solo? Also, if you really wanted you could swap the aux thrusters with small core defense extenders. It would have more buffer tank than your raptor fit, still fly faster cold at 3886 and do slightly less dps, but with an active tank of 322 ehp/s. Plus there’s an ADC on it.

(Lugburz) #144

not being able to do the one thing a class should be good for?

what part of that isnt balanced? i took advantage of the confusion when two gangs are fighting each other to intercept and kill a tackle ceptor that was out of position fast.

Thats EXACTLY what combat interceptors were for… killing other tackle.

(Markus Reinhart) #145

yeah, just not the “lol bubbles” bit. Because that was an afterthought, and a bad one at that.

I was against inties getting bubble immunity back when CCP put it on sisi, I’m still against it and I’m not sad to see it go.

(Lugburz) #146

many ships have been added since what, 2013?

command destroyers, t3 destroyers… i think more navy frigs… af’s have recieved a long needed buff to speed… the list goes on; who are you, Garmon?

Its not so easy to tear around in a combat ceptor; the only issue people have with these is in direct relation to the claw and fozzie sov… except for a few misguided sould who think sitting on a bubble for hours on end is ‘pvp’.
And believe me fozzieclaws arent that much of an issue if you know how to counter them.

My advice would be to NOT leave people to solo entosis nodes and sit blobs on gates, but noobs, noobs everywhere.

Or to afk mine and rat…

(Markus Reinhart) #147

I don’t care about fozzieclaws, because they really only work in fleets and I mostly do solo. combat ceptors work just fine for solo work. Not all, not all in the same way, some need a buff regardless of being bubble immune or not.

But a flat out “they lost immunity so they need buffs” makes no sense.