How to fix combat interceptors

(PI farmer1) #168

if it was for lowsec pvp then you don’t need to go 4km/s
especially not with a brawl fit

(Lugburz) #169


(Markus Reinhart) #170

no null sec. Low sec uses AB+web. I’m talking about the raptor being dual prop, not the jag. Makes it much easier to deal with bigger targets that have scram, especially if they have drones.

(PI farmer1) #171

bigger targets as in what? nano cruisers have speed and range, brawl cruisers have web and scram

(Lugburz) #172

and neut :wink:

(Markus Reinhart) #173

yes, so you’re webbed in 500m orbit, doing 550m/s. Works great. Go find your solo kills, how many of those did have a neut or would have been able to deal with a dual prop Raptor like that.

Not many.

(PI farmer1) #174

so basically your dual prop works against clowns who don’t bother fitting control. HMMM
wonder if there’s a double standard here
stop assuming you’re fighting shitfit t1 cruisers

(Lugburz) #175

none that died no… for obvious reasons really…

clearly this guy didnt…

(Markus Reinhart) #176

Lets be honest, the majority of solo pvp is vs clowns, idiots or hard counters. Cool pvp videos aren’t so much about “look how good I am” but more about “look at these idiots I found”.

(Lugburz) #177

whos talking about making videos?

(PI farmer1) #178

true, but then wouldn’t that drastically increase the engagable targets of AF’s as well? The issue is that whatever inty’s can do, AF’s can do better because they got a huge speed boost and are super tanky now. Inty’s should be faster than AF’s, not the other way around

(Markus Reinhart) #179

just a statement in general, not specific to your vid that you posted.

(Lugburz) #180

i dont think you can buff combat ceptors speed without needing to buff fleet, and that would not be a good look?

(Markus Reinhart) #181

So nerf AF’s. Not an excuse to give inties some lulzy mechanic (back)

(PI farmer1) #182

That could work, OR going back to my original idea give them more pg so they can overprop. That way, they do have a higher burst velocity but they will run out of cap extremely quickly

(PI farmer1) #183

I never said i wanted to give combat inty’s nullification, i agree that was garbage. My original post was to give them more PG so that they could overprop. That would give them a huge speed boost, but they would cap out extremely quickly

(Markus Reinhart) #184

I don’t see how that would be useful, going silly fast especially with fleet bonuses and whatnot creates massive issues engine/mechanic wise. If you want to buff combat inties, you buff their combat ability.

(Lugburz) #185

overprop interceptors wouldnt really give them anything special tbh. just make them run out of cap faster than the module cycles.
People would use it to fit bigger plates im guessing, i would.

(Lugburz) #186

i… i… dont know what to say to that…

(PI farmer1) #187

Well, assuming that a stiletto could fit a 50mn compact mwd, it would be able to hit roughly 9km/s cold, but can last for like 2 cycles. They could be the super fast tackle ships. Basically, caps out in about 20 seconds but during those 20 seconds it can scram web almost anything. Give combat intys a new role