How to fix eve

Reduce fighter dps by 50%, increase their tracking by 50%

Obligatory remove local and delete Rorquals.

Deleting Rorqs would be enough.


Unlikely to happen. The previous, passive version of the game was fine for a few years. However, we just passed the 15 year mark. Any player starting the game now would be so far behind, they’d likely not play. We saw CCP acknowledge this with an increase in starting SP, alpha accounts, etc.

The game isn’t going to change, so you need to. Understand the way the game is going with regards to wanting new blood, wanting players to actively play the game, or don’t, and just quit. Provide feedback that is more than just “REEE SKILL INJECTORS KILLING GAME REEEE.” Understand that the game you played 10-15 years ago isn’t the same, and neither are you, or the players, or the devs.

Harden the ■■■■ up.

Harden the ■■■■ up.

since i sold my carrier character, i believe that being forced to fight carriers is unfair when i’m flying my atron with no guns. i believe that carriers should instantly explode and i get to loot them

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