How to Fix the Economy

It came to me like a vision. The perfect solution since it will decrease resources gathered and increase destruction.

Make Mining a Crime :skull:


Well gonna use your own poison against you…



And how is a crime going to solve Delve where by far most minerals come from? High sec has a nearly unnoticeable impact on mineral supplies and you need dozens of regions to get 1 Delve.

Maybe you ought to use less Mindflood…

I would even go so far as to say you would need to put together all the regions up to at least Immensea (from the right) to meet Delve mining yield.

How would your “crime” fix mining again? If you want to punish mining, I suggest you go to Delve, Branch, Querious and the other 10 top regions and hunt Rorquals, Excavators and stupid 20+ Exhumer alt swarm fleets.

Make mineral’s explosive, get greedy put too many in one place and BOOOM there goes the rorqual, high sec miners will be fine because they can’t store enough of it at a time.


Wrong target, dude.


Calm down, put your salt gun away, man just joking

Maybe they should make it into a mini game, preferably something that is difficult to bot, kinda like SC. Yea I know I know SC … may or may not ever happen etc. …


Actually, a better idea would be to make large sections of NS, like for example Delve, into High Sec for a couple days without any warning and have Concord blow up all “illegal” ships, that would be primarily capitals, including Rorquals.

You do not steal my “no, go away” without facing the consequenses!

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There are already many criminal miners in highsec. It is up to the players to enforce the CODE and stop them, though. Do your part!

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Man no recruiting, I know CODE is desperate to have fresh blood, but this is a fun thread dont ruin it…

Sorry, the premise of the original post was too perfect. I couldn’t resist.

I supposed there should be some kind of guidance on sustainable mining practices. They could call it a CODE or something.

I can understand that :sunglasses:

OMG :rofl:

Some people are way too serious :wink:

2/10 for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your inability to do math is not a problem for the rest of us nor CCP. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I kinda like that idea. They already have a mini-game, for Exploration hacking. They could easily do a similar game where you have to focus/aim your mining lasers on a region that changes with color perhaps - sort of like what PI scanning does to identify hot spots. Get on the spot, get good yield. Get off the spot, get junk yield. This would make mining much less ‘scalable’ / bottable / farmable and separate the active miners from the mass farmers.

Another idea I saw was to make capital/titan construction use special materials that have to be more actively farmed than current, normal mining materials. I’m not into high end construction so no idea which mechanic would be best here… something like Abyssal mineral drops or rare salvage or data/relic site drops, where the frequency could be somewhat controlled. That would help limit the cap proliferation as well as broaden resource-farming beyond the standard “herd of Rorqs” approach.


There is real solution: disband big aliances and limit number of players in coop and coops in alliance.
Same recipe saved USA economy:

“We have here the problem of bigness. Its lesson should by now have been burned into our memory by Brandeis. The Curse of Bigness shows how size can become a menace–both industrial and social. It can be an industrial menace because it creates gross inequalities against existing or putative competitors. It can be a social menace…In final analysis, size in steel is the measure of the power of a handful of men over our economy…The philosophy of the Sherman Act is that it should not exist…Industrial power should be decentralized. It should be scattered into many hands so that the fortunes of the people will not be dependent on the whim or caprice, the political prejudices, the emotional stability of a few self-appointed men…That is the philosophy and the command of the Sherman Act. It is founded on a theory of hostility to the concentration in private hands of power so great that only a government of the people should have it.” Dissenting opinion of Justice Douglas in United States v. Columbia Steel Co