How to fix the Eve Universe

What to fix you may ask?!

It’s simple:
The Lore describes eve as a diverse Universe of endless possibilities, but every capsuleer can choose between maybe 15 hairstyles… that’s not that diverse. To fix this problem, I came up with an idea, that may sound insane first, but it really is not that crazy:

CCP, please give players a chance to create content for the game they love.

How should this work?

  1. Pick a very small thing, let’s just stick with “hairstyles/headwear or tattoos” for this example.
  2. Inform people about the technical details (format, pcount, size, lods, collision, rig) and give them resources (for example textures/materials)
  3. Wait until models are submitted. (oc submitting includes a license for CCP to use the models)
  4. Take a look at the models and if they fit your expectations, add them to the game.

This is meant to be a small test, but if the results are promising this could be applied to almost anything in the game (ship skins, tattoos, music, missions). It saves CCP development time and players can finally be creative and add something to the universe they love. The universe becomes more diverse like it should have been in the first place.

  • If this small test proves the system works, ccp could set up a public repository for all fans to work on stuff :slight_smile:

You already did this with the billboards, and It was a giant success, wasn’t it? (actually is the billboard submit still open? I want to submit something >_<)

o7 Komi

Why this radical approach:
As a developer myself it freaks me out that some of the basic RP-content (WiS / faction appareal - “real” gallente and minmatar clothes) were never added to the game and probably never will be if we don’t do it by ourselfes. I quit eve in 2013 and 7 years later I come back to the game and NOTHING has really changed. Still the same boring clothes that don’t fit into the lore that well (especially for gallente and minmatar).

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