How to get Industry working in LS as a small corp with the core requirement?

We had a small industry op up and running on a Low Sec Citadel for quite a while, sadly our system got moved to Pochven and we had to evacuate everything to Jita.

Lately we where thinking about starting to build stuff again, however it seems impossible for a small corp without any military power to anchor their own Citadel in Low Sec these days. Our latest anchoring attempt got shut down sadly.

Thanks to the addition of Cores everyone seems to grind structures with their dreads/supers as an low effort income activity against small groups.

How do you handle this if you want to do industry in Low Sec? Is joining a larger group the only viable option? If so which one would you recommend?

Unfortunately you need the umbrella of mega corporations especially now with the ore changes.


I can’t really see any difference between joining a megacorp and simply being a hi sec carebear.

Just trading one kind of safety umbrella for another. With no option to play the risky game and seek adventure.

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Total newbie, created industry corporation in lowsec. In just few months they where well established entity in their part of space. Now in just bit more than year they managed to conquer own space in null.

Yes, you need to make friends. But it’s not impossible to be fresh fish in the pool and make success.

I dont think there is much risk/adventure in anchoring a structure in LS just to have some nerds drop dreads ontop of them … even if we could kill a dread they would just escalate. There is no counter play to this for a small corp is there?

Yeah. It’s not “risk” unless you have a greater than 0% chance. And right now, you don’t have any chance at all.

The options are either:

A: Join a mega corp and have pretty much 100% guarantee.


B; Stay in highsec and have pretty much 100% guarantee (but low profit)


C: Go into low/null as an independent or small entity and have a 0% chance.

There is no option to take a “risk”.

Iits not that difficult just spend a week and get 200+ folks into your corp that can help.

You can still do a lot of industry in NPC stations. Sure it’s not as efficient but you don’t have to risk a structure or pay for fuel. Also if your selling in lowsec you can get higher prices and be plenty profitable. You can even get cheaper prices for many minerals/ores than highsec as well.

I only do my industry in low/null npc stations and never had an issue.

Sadly the stuff we are invested in cannot be built in NPC stations :confused: We had our LS citadel uncontested in a super dead system for a long time and it worked great. With the core changes it suddenly seems impossible though.