How to help EvE and get some free ore in the process

This is oriented towards new players, as the isk is not that great. I did this for about 15 - 20 minutes yesterday and got 15 million worth of free ore.

As some of you may know, there is an infestation of bot mining fleets using apocalypse battleships to mine in high sec. These ships periodically dump their ore in containers, which are tractored up by an MTU, which in turn is then emptied by an Orca. You can use these botting fleets to get some free ore.

You will need a dps ship and an industrial with a big ore hold, like a misamos, or any of its racial counterparts. The first step is to shoot the MTU. Concord does nothing when you shoot MTUs - you just get a suspect timer. It seems that that forces the orca bot to tractor the containers to itself using its own tractor beams. You can now park the industrial next to the orca and loot the containers as they come close to it. The orca “pilot” I dealt with was very slow looting, so I managed to loot all the containers it was pulling. You do go yellow flashy in the process, but you are not risking much, and the bots won’t attack you. If they do, you can come back in the dps ship and kill whatever you have a limited engagement with.

you can tell there is a fleet like that in a system if you see a lot of gibberish uncapitalized names with normal last names in local.

As I said, the isk is not amazing, but it feels nice to have a whole fleet working for you and, thinking back to my newbie days, the isk is not all that bad for a new player.

I did this is Yasud, but you can find many fleets like this in that area.


Thats not really bad ISK to be honest. Its like you would mine in apocalypse. More bots, more cans to loot. :+1:

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I did this too. The pilot in question tractored the cans from so far away, i just had to sit in between him and the cans and grab the ore while he tractored it towards [s]himself{/s] me. So nice of him to just hand the stuff over without complaining.

Can only recommend this form of mining. Very efficient!


I wholeheartedly endorse this.


@CCP_Falcon There needs to be a new player tutorial for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess this would theoretically make you an accessory to botting; although in a more practical term you’d just be exploiting a cheater. Exploit them to your hearts content, I see no issue in doing so, that’s what they get as an “immediate” penalty :joy:


Man, you have a really nice way of saying “■■■■ this guy”. : D

Please don’t scare people away from doing this. :slight_smile:

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Well, I know what I’ll be doing soon.

Worth it just to mess with bots, any isk is just a bonus.

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