How to make it to default?


How to make that the “Location” is default set to “current Station”? Because on some chars it is on some not… and every time when look up an item it looks for whole eve…

I’m not in game right now but there should be a Settings option available to click, possibly some sorta Star or Gear looking icon, or maybe just 3 horizontal lines that looks like ‘E’.

do i miss something?

You have the ‘Location’ set for ‘Current Station’ which doesn’t have any contracts available for Nanite Repair Paste. Set the ‘Location’ to ‘Current Region’ or ‘All Regions’ for a list of all available contracts.

Obviously the box on the left side of the Contract window has all the settings. When you open the window it will have the same settings as when it was last closed.

that is not the case… on some charcters i have current region, on some current station and on some all regions… no matter what i choose after i open contracts, after i open again the contract window… it is again on the" default random" value…

Well, I’m in-game and just checked it. If I set the ‘Location’ to ‘Current Station’, close the window and then re-open it, the setting shows what it was when I closed it.

Did you ‘Clear all cache files’ in Esc menu?

You can also ‘Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’ in the ‘Shared Cache’ settings of the Launcher. It can be accessed by clicking the ‘Gear’ icon (open settings) on the left side of the Launcher and then select ‘Shared Cache Settings’ or click the ‘E’ icon in top right corner of the Launcher and select ‘Shared Cache’.

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this helped: “Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files”

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