How to make less people play EVE?


I do hope you’re being ironic, because “Oh no ! my drones, although fully as lethal and fast as before, are going to be 16% more vulnerable, so I’m giving up Eve forever” just sounds silly…

A few thousands is … unlikely. Despite CCP’s new target audience, it’s definitely not thousands who are so dumb that they’d leave because of it. I don’t know how short willied one has to be for such a reaction, but I seriously doubt it’s that many.

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Are you quite sure you are not Grammar God instead? :wink:


This was such an absurd number i had to look it up.

Today the average hours worked in the U.S. is around 33, with the average man employed full-time for 8.4 hours per work day, and the average woman employed full-time for 7.9 hours per work day.

If you want to pull a number out your arse, be remotely believable.

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I know you pulled this from wikipedia, and I’m not saying it’s wrong, but averages rarely reflect reality for everyone who isn’t part of that group. When there’s a lot of people working 20 hours and a lot of people working 80 hours, you’ll get an average somewhere in the middle.

That won’t bother people who work 20h, but for everyone working 80 it’s pretty shitty. Averages without being able to look at the numbers can be misleading and thus aren’t trustworthy.

I mean, especially in the US I would be more inclined to not believe official statistics at all, especially when it comes to anything related to work.

The dude said ‘average’.

80 hours is 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Anyone working that much is an extreme case, not by any means average.

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Traco has no reasonable arguments at all; I at least, have some.

I’ve wasted enough time trying reason with him and his previous alt, it turns out that making fun of him is so much more rewarding than beating your head against a brick wall of ignorance and arrogance.


Look who I found?

Another lunatic BattleStar Galactica fan using the same rethoric as foxbolt … and writing like a child.


A Griefer button?

I want one, it should open a hisec cyno and allow Goons to hotdrop all of the things.

@Solstice_Projekt who was the guy that insisted that unwanted pvp was a violation of the EULA?

meh I need to sort my mouse out, scroll wheel is doing weird stuff

Likely the idiot just not understanding that the protection button does not actually protect from others, but from ones own stupidity.

I like the sound of that.

CCP can’t fix stupid, you can shoot it, but not even insert deity(s) of choice, if any can fix it.


I don’t know anyone specifically in connection to the EULA. Hell, I’m not even sure I got all the names in my head. We should ask people … but I’m wondering if CCP Falcon might not like it. :slight_smile:

Alpha is a long term trial account and a means to keep former subscribers “in touch” in the prospect that they might resub.
It was not meant to be F2P mode with 90 percent of the content available to it.
Oh I can hear the argument: " Hurf blurflgarble!!! Alphas don’t have access to 90 percent of the content!!! Blarflbarble!"
Uh… OK it’s like this.
The last time I undocked, in the middle of highsec, I saw a faction ship ratting. In highsec.
The LVL 4 systems are still full up.

Now let me ask: if lvl 4 missioning is the ONLY thing you did in the game, then what percentage of “content” is that for you?

Don’t lie. You don’t have a titan and a nullsec alliance in your pocket, do you? Or are you happy to see me?

And there is still yet a LOT an alpha can do.

I would watch the level 3 mission metrics closely. Anybody farming LVL3s now at a rate that is more than humanly possible is a bot.

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I’m sure it’s already been stated above but i’ll chime in. You make more isk blitzing level 3’s for LP than you do clearing L4’s…

You have an unpleasant habit of claiming that anyone you don’t agree with is someone else (Balos).

It’s unpleasant because:

  • It’s argumentum ad hominum
  • I’s relatively difficult for the target to address in a forum. When you did it to me I had (naturally) never heard of this Balos. Should I do some research, analyse a representative number of this person’s posts, then demonstrate I write differently and/or have different opinions? /lol.
  • In a forum like this, an echo chamber of irrational ideas and rude, aggressive people, anonymity is a right. An honest person would never criticize or undermine that right
  • People can change. Even in the (highly unlikely) event he posted things outside current standards of behavior, Balos has every right to come back under another name - as long as he stays within normal standards of politeness.

Balos alt confirmed. :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


You do realize there is a significant difference between wealth and income right? People can have high incomes and little wealth and people with high levels of wealth can have low income and all sorts of other things. Noting a decline in wealth does not translate into people working 80 hour weeks or working a third and fourth job.

The research you link is interesting and further supports some of the problems I’ve been pointing too in other discussions. Particularly the high debt loads and low housing ownership rates…which can probably be traced back to rapidly rising education–e.g. college–costs and also rising home prices. Previous generations did not enter the work force with such debt levels, and the lower (relative) housing prices allowed for home ownership…which is now, in part, fueling the growing gap in wealth between generations.

However, addressing these issues via MMO Pricing strategies won’t get you much and is really ignoring the underlying problems (too much emphasis on college education as the path to success and land use restrictions).

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