How to manage DC's as a filthy multiboxer

I wrote this elsewhere. Decided to share here as well. Hope that it helps someone.

I don’t know how to stop DC’s, and CCP wasn’t much help. They blamed how my ISP routes my traffic, and my ISP blamed CCP. They did suggest using a VPN, but that didn’t help me (I did keep the VPN for other reasons though).

Regardless, I may not have been able to stop my DC’s, but I have found ways to manage them:

  • Roll with one extra logi. Then if one DC’s, you have a backup. Try to get extra utility or DPS out of them (i.e. fit more links by using T3’s, or fit some DDA’s and Drone Tracking enhancers to Nestors).
  • Fit remote repair reps into any ships with utility highs. Then you have backup reps if your main logi DC’s.
  • When spider tanking, organize your watchlist in such a way as to be able to quickly see at a glance who you should shift reps to if someone DC’s (similar to how logi set up their watch list for cap chains).
  • Use marauders like tanks. Fit enough cap to perma run your local reps. You will have to make some tradeoffs, and depending on your tank you might not be able to face tank the entirety of large waves, but the increased damage of marauders puts them high up on the agro table, and having their reps running constantly means that they’re prepared to take agro in the case of a DC. Note that most strats don’t help much with mass DC’s (only single client DC’s). This strat is a notable exception. Thus, you might find the tradeoffs to be worth it, especially if it means it saves some of the most expensive ships in your fleet.
  • Put something in your frig escape bays (I use tanky punishers). It seems to be rare, but I can confirm that on at least one occasion, the rats took out the frigate after taking out a BS -which I credit with saving one of my other ships.
  • Keep your launcher open, and easily accessible. I always move it to the far right in my taskbar, so that I can quickly give it focus.
  • You know what, I’ve heard that it’s okay to use macros for things like closing and launching clients. So, I should probably look into using a macro that can make it even faster to relaunch my clients. That being said, I recommend verifying for yourself if that is allowed by the EULA.
  • DC’s seem to come and go for me. I can go weeks without having a single one, and then experience several in a single play session. So, sometimes I just stop running if things are too bad.
  • Speaking of which, you probably don’t want to ■■■■ with the Abyss if you’re having a bunch of DC’s. Maybe do something that’s less likely to cause ship loss in the case of a DC. You might also want to try orbiting something other than the ship you’re shooting at. That way if you kill it while DC’ed, you won’t fly off out of bounds.
  • Using the above strats will turn single client DC’s into an annoyance that mostly serves as a penalty to isk efficiency. Mass DC’s, on the other hand, are the really dangerous ones. I will often keep running if I experience single client DC’s, but I don’t ■■■■ with mass DC’s. I’ll either stop running, or I’ll safe up and wait. If I don’t have any more issues after a while, I’ll go back out. But if I have any more issues, I’ll call it. So, safe up. And use the time to eat, work out, get a battlefap in, argue on reddit or something.

Does anyone else have any more suggestions?


Don’t multibox?


At the time of any DCs, especially multiple DCs in a session, try running a Pingplotter or Traceroute to CCP’s address.

Details here:

That can at least give you an idea of where in the travel pipe from your router to CCP the disconnects are likely happening.

For various reasons, CCP servers don’t respond to some standard ping type requests, so be ready to search for alternative locations to ping test to. Any commercial type server in London should do.

Also, most companies employ an outside “filtering” service to check incoming packets for suspicious behavior and reject them if so, which can break your connection.

You might try browsing this thread and see if any of the issues/solutions there help:

I’d maybe take a look at a few of the “chat system service” comments in that thread and see if that helps narrow it down.


Sounds like some nice strategy tips.

I don’t multibox so no ideas for that. Only suggestion I can think of is maybe change the thread title to:

Multiboxer Tips For Client Disconnects

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Obviously multiboxing is cheating.

Oh, I dunno. I mean, it does, at the very least, take in-game skill and effort. Plus, you know, it’s not against the EULA.

But, I guess if someone who casually discusses RMT calls you the lowest common denominator, you have to take a good look in the mirror.

Anyway, always a pleasure. But I think I’m done internetting for the day.

I used to multibox on more than 1 computer. In my case it wasn’t for DC but because a single computer could only handle 2 accounts. A case of playing the hand you have.

IMO it’s still spreading the risk.
In my case; one computer overheating and shutting itself down (obviously while you’re in a massive battle flying supers), means I still have 2 accounts running on the other system.


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Q: How to manage DC’s as a filthy multiboxer

A: By taking a shower :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:


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That’s what downtime used to be for but CCP meanies changed that to like 5 minutes.

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