How to manage the standing from missions so i can move around all the hisec

can someone tell me how to manage standing so that I can move around all hisec space no matter what faction it is…without getting killed by the NPC.

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As long as you don’t go below -5 for a faction their navy ships will not shoot you. It takes quite a while to get that low, so luckily it doesn’t happen too easily.

One easy strategy is to avoid doing faction missions. Only take missions where you have to shoot pirate NPC’s and rogue drones. If you avoid missions that require shooting navy NPC’s your empire standings will not go down. Also avoid doing storyline missions - they are the ones you get every 16 missions from storyline agents.

However, if you don’t want to decline faction/storyline missions: Some people balance out their faction standings by doing storyline missions for all 4 major empires in a round-robin way. It is a lot of work and requires moving around.

You could use the Sisters of Eve epic arc (which is super easy, but takes a few hours) to raise standings of any empire that goes low - every 3 months can be repeated. You choose which one of the 4 empires will get the standings near the end of the arc.

Similarly you can use the epic arcs from the 4 empires to raise their respective standings. (Some of them are harder than level 4 missions so be advised of the risks) The nice thing about the epic arcs is that you don’t get derived bad standings.

Training up Connections and Diplomacy will help with standings. (And training Social will make any increases bigger)


Try this

Courtesy of @DeMichael_Crimson


As long as you don’t shoot at faction NPCs, you will never be hunted by the faction navy. Standing loss will come through derived standings. If you increase standing for Faction A, Faction B will either gain or lose standing depending on if they like or dislike Faction A. However, derived standings are capped at the standing of Faction B towards Faction A. As none of the four empires have standing below -5.0 with each other, through derived standings alone you will never reach the point where the navy will turn aggressive. This happens below -5.0.

Also, the faction navy is not exactly threatening. I’ve flown Marauders through Gallente space while being far below -5 with them.

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Keep in mind, it’s -5.00 effective standing, not base. So if you don’t have diplomacy or connections trained, I suggest raising them up asap.

Last resort if you are so far below -5 effective, reach out to us at USIA and we can help you out in a matter of hours, or we can permanently unlock all 4 arcs for you as well.


ya I know that USIA helps with standing and stuff but just want to know what I must do when I don’t want to spend isk for those things XD

follow DMC’s standing repair plan that was posted above… … avoiding storyline missions, doing epic arcs and avoid missions against other factions, IE enemies abound etc. There’s also COSMOS (read up on them before attempting them) and data centers will take tags as well to help with faction standings.


Sisters of Eve can be done every 90 days and will give a standing increase to whatever race you need upped, depending on your choices. You only need three brain cells to do it, but if you have a low tolerance for boredom, what can I say.


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