How to manufacture wine and where do snowballs come from?

I know spiced and vintage wine may have no commercial use. But how would I manufacture these items?
Where do snowballs come from?
These types of items have no industry tab, cant find anything on forums.

@discobot Where do snowballs come from?

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Snowballs, along with various pyrotechnics of other kinds, are acquired normally in events, or as gifts from CCP. They are not player manufactured.

The Spiced Wine, I believe, is part of the trade system that I think they removed. Various commodities would be produced by some stations and sold on the market by NPCs, and various other stations would have higher NPC buy orders for these items, making it possible to make some profit as a space trucker off NPC populations. Also not player manufacturable.

The Vintage Wine (with a question mark) seems to be a mission item of some type, but I am not certain. Unlikely you can make this, either, I’m afraid.

Wait? No more wine? Did they also remove exotic dancers?


That I know of, Exotic dancers were not part of the same trade system as the wine, coffee, and other such miscellany. Cursory research suggests they drop from destruction of environment fluff in certain missions, so I have no reason I yet know of to think they can’t still be acquired.

I will be the first to admit, though, Eve changes a lot and more so than I can keep up with. I should probably just have said ‘I don’t know’ and left it at that.

Thanks, I have around 1800 bottles of wine that I use as gifts and put in rescue caches etc01 I have noticed that they are getting harder to find and more expensive. I was wondering how often they get added to Eve. It would be great if you could make your own, vintage wine would take longer to produce. You need 500,000 bottles of spiced wine to manufacture an Upwell Palatine Keepstar…

The spiced wine seems to still have a few NPC orders, and is available from the market in a number of locations, according to EveMarketer

I see NPC orders for spirits as well

I can not find NPC orders for the Synthetic Coffee, which is the item from this trade system I used to buy (for less than 200 isk, if my memory serves) to give to a sleepless friend of mine. You can identify an order as an NPC order by it’s unusually long period of a year, or just short of a year, when a capsuleer can only put up a sale good for 90 days.

I’d say your wine should be available for the foreseeable future.

For the fireworks, keep an eye out for the special events or ccp gifts that drop them and buy them up from the less jolly minded trying to unload them when they are in season, if you can get to them before I do.

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