How to most likely (not) make low sec interesting

Basic outline of idea:

1)additional routes between empires through low sec.
2)freight taxes for the high sec routes between empires

The idea sounds simpel and most likely compellingly wrong from what I wrote down as short description.

It is an idea of how to reason more people into low sec and at the same time create a kind of game in low sec.

It is based on one model of what eve gameplay is realy about and this model can be paraphrased in three verses “No thing that can be won is out of ordinary everything can be achieved in time/only that thing to survive the test of time is a win to be kept/the only one to win is the one to survive the game”

Now if that doesn’t sound familiar read hunger games, eve is one, eve has cloning, so the game is mainly about survival other player’s antics. At least in the above model.

In so far if looking at survival one instantly can deduce that hp of a ship, speed of ship, ability to run away, ability to outmaneuver guns, distance to a shooting enemy, own firepower to put shorten an enemies survival and low signature are all factors that play a role.
Well that are nearly all factors the ability to move transversal and lateral on the map and the factor transversal to lateral space also play a role.

Having read up a bit of game desing literature I remember there are basic level desing concepts like pipe and roam, a pipe is: A space that is mostly consisting of transversing routs to a destination.
While a roam is: A space that mostly consist of lateral routes to a destination.

So hwo does this look like in eve: on the system maps one should be capable to see warping is only transversal movement while sub light speed is a lot of lateral movement possibilites so it’s a roam.

Now on the stellar map one can find similar elements (though it’s a graph) if there are more then one route to a destination then it is a roam if there are only one route to a destination it is a pipe.

So far so good, one can see that there are three pipes between each empire that is two low sec routes and one high sec route, however the routes are one empire region to one other empire region. The suggestion is to create additional routes between empires over low sec, to make a roam where currently a pipe sits.

If low sec is more of a roam then this increases survability and would be in above model of the game play a winning condition. Again if there is only one path and that is camp then this ends up being seen as the standart. If there are two gates then one might be lucky and can pingpong scout, it there are three then it is more likely the campers need to be lucky.

Above is the part of paving a road for something.

The next point freight taxes soundes awfully complicate, like “if I jump will I have to wait for the tax collector” or “is there automatic tax collection?” Well no it is more like a freight charter needs to be bought for freighters and industrials once a month. Equipmentwise this could be done with a fourth modificator slot in industrial and freighters and the charter being a modificator exsiting for 30 days after being equipped.
Next a pilot get’s to name a home empire for which he get’s a free charter, and he can name one, two, three other empires for which he has to pay a fee being for industrial 250k/500k/750k for freighter 25mil/50mil/75mil.
Thus a freight pilot can drive around in his own empire, after a month change the empire and move on to another empire, or the pilot can add other empires to the list of freigth zones and fly through them. Or he can ask another person to pay this fee for him/her.
Paiyng this fee means he is authorized to get another freight chater after being blow up or podded. 30 days long.

Additional (possible) are forged freight charters produced by players.

So how do freight chaters work?
At each high sec region-to-region entrance an empire want’s to see that a industrial or freighter with cargo has a freight charter equipped.
If the ship hasn’t a freight charter the cargo will be confiscicated by the customes officers. Are they lost? No they can be regained by paying a hefty fee depending on the items.

Now a possible way ot evade this is to move goods between regions through low sec space.

And that’s why a roam there would be preferrable.

Now there is a fundament of a game, gankers versus traders and a logical claim for the gankers, catching smugglers.

As there is a price for save passage the campers can decide on a price for passage also.

Additional the fourth modificator slot gives some survability to tax evasive traders only going through low.

Game play wise in play style there is also a roam:

paying for a freight charter,
having others pay for the freight charter
releasing cargo from customers agents
tax evasion by moving cargo through low sec

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Sorry, but this freight tax wont make lowsec more interesting, it’ll just make people stop playing. Not to mention that the mechanic you’re suggesting is quite convoluted. Games are meant to be fun, the more pain points you include will just drive people away.

The solution is faction warfare. It already does a pretty good job and there is a lot of activity in fw space between the militias. Future iterations just need to include the pirate factions and can include an underworld mechanic to drive content.

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Hmm… interesting…

Hmm… very interesting.

I bet a FW revamp would work. I wonder when they’ll do that…


It also increases lowsec safety, which is altogether bad.

I’d just prefer import duties for every nation, much smaller ones for every region (that’s governed, anyway), and even small ones than that for systems. Think of it like countries and provinces and cities IRL.

What is the point of this? I thought this idea was meant for increasing economic variety in different regions, increasing lore-based taxes, tarriffs, and locational price gaps, and also raising the price of moved goods. For example, the Amarr really hate the Minmatar making money, and so they’d put up a large tarriff on Minmatar faction items, and Caldari would do the same as a capitalist society. Also, limiting ships by region is a very very bad idea for dynamicness in the game.

Oh I see. That way some routes through pirate lawless space can be immensely profitable, as it negates the import duties?

That’s a bit wierd. Pirates kill anything they can get their warp disruptors on.

Isn’t this what OP is suggesting?

Overall, I quite like this idea. It will also provide a huge ISK sink and work to slow the rampant inflation of the game. Couple that with antibotting measures and you could usher in a shipping renaissance. Well done, I think!

Only if you’re referring to tax evasion via smuggling through low sec. I was thinking more in line with contract killings.

If you want more market /industrial traffic in lowsec. I suggest adding some “freeport” trade stations in lowsec that don’t charge taxes. Or less taxes.

Remove Supers and Titans from LS so that Snuffed and Shadow Cartel are limited to dreadbombs…

Logical flaw in your idea: It does not matter to campers how many routes there are as long as they are all in cyno range of each other at some point. And that is a given because they all go through the same low sec areas. Moving a freighter is a useless suggestion to make logistics “more interesting” because it does not do that. The only thing this kind of idea does is killing logistics and giving incompetent wannabe PVPers easy kills to pat their egos.

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