How to obliterate jita for caldari pilots ... without losing a ship

“A little manual that will demonstrate the absurdity of the rules of factional warfare …”

100% legit since cpp DOES NOT CARE

what do you need:

  • A neutral corp
  • a remote repair alt in that corp … nestor best choice … safety to yellow
  • a pvp alt in that corp self enlisted in gurista as exemple.


  • undock your pvp alt
  • apply all your remote with your remote alt to your pvp alt
  • you are now immune to faction police damage
  • start turkey shot for ever.


  • noone can shot your remote alt, even any guys you are fighting … and you can have of course more than one remote
  • if you are ganked you can escape immediatly … no need to dock … how?
    click to your character sheet then click at fw icon bottom left just near corp icon
    retire => faction spawn stop shotting you and fight is automatically stopped even for yours opponents

ultra bonus : if their target safety is red they will be concordokken

Applyable to any major trade hubs if enlisted in the right hostile faction



closed … goot job ccp, problem solved thx

No one saw riots somewhere without their remote neutral fleet?

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