How to revamp citadel rules

  1. make citadels low sec and null
  2. make it a requirement to have 5 CEOs in an alliance as executors to be eligible to anchor a structure
  3. must be in systems with either a claim unit or a force ship to anchor

Merry Christmas.

Not quite sure the context for this suggestion is clear from the OP. So I can’t really see the benefit of this sort of change based on what little there currently is to go on.


Why do you want this change?

  1. What about all the manufacturing and refinement stations in hi sec? There are moons to be mined in .5, there are also plenty of ore and ice in high sec that low and null sec needs, if you remove these from high sec, you will be effectively removing these activities, or at the very least, throttling the resources, which would not go over well so soon after scarcity ended.
  2. What’s the use of having a corp if the most basic structures requires an alliance effort to put up. There are many corps that are larger than most alliances, what purpose does this serve?
  3. You realize that it takes 24 hours to anchor a structure right? Why do you want someone to have to babysit it for 24 hours? People have jobs, down time exists, people also need to sleep.

You really need to explain what you are trying to solve here. What is the problem in your eyes? Why can’t you use the current in game solutions to your perceived problem?


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