How to Start a Borrowing History? - UnCollateralized Loans

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How to Start a Borrowing History? - UnCollateralized Loans

I would obviously like to make some progress, no matter how small, to get the ball rolling: Of building a borrowing history and relationships with fellow players on the MD investing forum. I would like to earn my way through hardwork and a win-win teamwork with potential investors.

  1. Self present
  2. Describe your goals.
  3. Describe your plans how to achieve above goals.
  4. Provide solid backup plan how you plan to care of investment robotics and protect investors from loses.
  5. Cross your fingers, though people might agree and put a trust along with their isk into you.

Small sums and high interest - kind of like payday loans. The few who repay need to cover the many who don’t plus earn the lender a profit! As you build a reputation you can borrow more at reduced interest but, unless you have a real life relationship, people are always going to be a bit surprised when an uncollateralized loan is repaid - after all, this is Eve!

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